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Use this easy macrame technique to embellish a metal ball chain with a spiral of shiny beads.
Use wire cutters to cut a length of chain that is your desired total length plus six more metal balls. Use scissors to cut a length of beading cord that is about five times the length of your chain. As you near the end of the chain, take the chain out of the clipboard, turn it around, and clip it back onto the clipboard in the opposite direction. Center the cord beneath the chain on the clip board, and position it between the first two metal balls just below the clasp. Be sure to begin each half knot by passing whichever cord is on the right beneath the chain. Bring the clip on your board down between the last and second-from-last metal balls on the chain.Then, spin the clipboard around so that you can continue working in the same direction (toward you).

Secure the clasp the same way you originally attached it in Step 2.Keep in mind that you can recreate this design using brighter or stronger colors of farfalle beads and C-Lon cord. Keep in mind that you can experiment with different shapes of beads, sizes and finishes of ball chain, and different cord colors. I recommend starting with a bracelet (rather than a necklace) and completing it within one session. Tie a square knot.Square knot diagram tutorialSquare knot photo tutorialOptionally, thread a big eye needle on each cord end. For a smooth look, cinch down each knot as tight as you can.After an inch or so of knots, your beads will begin to spiral around the chain. Have fun experimenting!Post any questions about this project in the Beadwork forum.To receive notifications of new free tutorials, subscribe to the Beadwork Newsletter.
I find that when I split this project up into separate sessions, my knotting tension changes a little from session to session, which creates inconsistent spirals.Attach the clasp to one end of the chain.

If the spiral ever gets in your way as you make knots, rotate the clasp (which is clipped to the clipboard) toward the left to reposition the chain.
Do this by sliding the very last ball into the opening in the clasp tube, and then pulling the chain toward one end of the tube until it snaps into place. Leave enough slack in the chain that you can slide a finger between the chain and the board.

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