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I haven’t met an outfit yet that isn’t glammed up significantly by sparkly earrings! But the problems start when I run out of space to store them.  And since getting rid of earrings is NEVER an option I came up with a way to organize them.
Some day I’m going to do a post all about 10-minute projects.  How satisfying is a craft that comes together in the space of minutes?? This entry was posted in Made It Myself and tagged diy, easy diy, fashion, travel, travel solutions on January 21, 2013 by Emily Kennedy.

I'm on a mission to infuse color and personality into our home through crafts and DIY projects.
This would be great for all those places you strip off your earrings, you know the bathroom, the couch, your bedside, even the car cup holders. Normally, I’d just throw my jewelry in a spare coin purse or even a plastic snack baggie, but then everything gets all jumbled together.
I am passionate about sharing creativity, discovering new skills and inspiring others with do-able DIYs.

Here's a little of what I love, in no particular order: fresh flowers, lattes, Jane Austen, piano-playing, cozy throws, adding to my shoe collection, Christmas carols, naming my ceramic animals, bold patterns, musicals, and flashy neutrals.

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