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Our solid cherry and red oak earring holders are hand rubbed with oil and finished with a satin poly for a maintenence free finish. A few weekends ago, I knocked out several projects I had been meaning to work on for my room but just hadn’t gotten around to completing yet.
I wanted to display my jewelry in my room somehow {not just set it on my dresser like I did in my other room}. I made a chicken wire frame before to use for a potential craft show {which I’ve yet to use} and almost used it for my jewelry {but would have painted it a different color}.
Haha yes…they are from a dear friend of mine You should make one on your own for sure! Inspiration Workshop is located in historic Ellicott City, Maryland, featuring Paul Houser's top-quality event video, nature photography and unique woodcraft.
The pictured earring rack is about the largest my girls could think of every using.  I can also make smaller or custom sized racks, and an use stain to match your space.  Email me requests! I am a lifelong craftsman, specializing in video and sound production, photography, woodcraft, landscaping, aquarium design and gardening.

Do you ever wonder where to put your stud earring so they don’t get lost?  Well, my daughter Tiffany got her ears pierced last year and has started to get quite a collection of earrings, the problem was I wasn’t sure where to put them.  I originally kept them in the boxes they came in but this took up too much space in the jewelry box.
Then, I was standing at the sink doing dishes and looking at these cute jars that my best friend at DIY Inspired made for a fantastic Vintage Baby Shower she decorated.  I thought the jars were too cute to throw away so they were sitting in the window, then it hit me, I could recycle them. I decided to take the burlap, ribbons, and embellishments she used to make a Hanging Earring Holder.  So, I removed all the pieces from the jar.
My daughter was so excited when I showed her; she couldn’t wait to place her earrings on it.
Valentine’s Day is so much more then the love between two individuals, it about showing love to all the people in your life that you care about. If I helped you save lots of money, or if you simply enjoyed my website and would like to support it, feel free to donate as much, or as little as you want, by clicking the Donate button above. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For the past few months all my jewelry has been in Ziploc baggies sitting in the same box I had packed it in when I moved.

But, I really loved the dark wood and character this frame had and thought it would look better against my white walls.
Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or mobile when you access most websites on the internet. I was tired of rummaging through it all to find earrings to wear each morning so it was time  to figure out what I wanted to do. Whether it’s an inspirational story or pretty interiors, my desire is for this to be a place you can come to on a daily basis and leave feeling inspired in some way. Professionally, I am an associate professor at George Mason University, specializing in Hydrology and Water Resources.

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