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Nose piercings are among the most common facial piercings and are using done through the right or left nostril. Ear piercings include any piercings of the ear, whether a single hole, a scaffold piercing, or a weaved one. Oral types of body piercings typically include adornment of the lip, tongue, cheek, or the area between the lip and the chin, referred to as a labret. Nasal piercings have been done since biblical times and include jewelry placed in the nostril or septum. Abdominal piercings include nipple and belly button piercings, as well as surface piercings made directly above the nipple. While most types of body piercings are done for aesthetics, genital piercings are often for increasing sexual satisfaction. In India Hindus ear piercing was a a€?sankara€? like mundan sanskar-when a kid head is shaved- but it has now limited to Kshatriya’s in some parts of India. The practice of piercing ears is one of the Hindu practices performed in the third or fifth year for some Hindu children. It is believed that the point of vision in acupuncture is situated in the center of the lobe. It is believed that long ear lobes like Buddha are a sign of spiritual development and superior status.
Dr Paulose FRCS, DLO is a Consultant ENT Plastic & Laser Surgeon with over 38 years of world class experience in Ear, Nose, Throat and Laser Surgery treating patients across the world from UK, US, Middle East to Asia.
An 11-year-old girl mauled by raccoon as a baby is recovering from surgery to attach a makeshift ear that was grown on her arm. Charlotte Ponce of Spring Lake, Michigan, lost her right ear, nose and part of her lip in the 2002 attack. In April, Charlotte underwent a seven-hour surgery to embed an ear-shaped scaffold carefully crafted from her own rib cartilage and embedded under the skin of her right her arm.

Beaumont Childrens HospitalCharlotte Ponce underwent surgery to attach an ear formed from rib cartilage. Doctors at Beaumont Childrena€™s Hospital in Royal Oak transplanted the man-made ear to Charlottea€™s head Thursday, according to the hospital.
Beaumont Childrens HospitalCharlotte Ponce, 11, was just 3 months old when her biological parents' pet raccoon mauled her face, eating her ear and nose. Charlotte has undergone at least 10 operations since 2012 and might need revision surgery as her face grows, Chiayasate said. As for earrings, Chiayasate said Charlotte would be able to wear them as soon as she recovers and they no longer pose and infection risk. WNNCharlotte wears two earrings in her left ear, while she waited for her right ear to be attached. While nearly any type of body jewelry can be used in oral piercings, the most popular are barbells for the tongue and studs or small hoops for the lip, cheek, and labret. In India, these types of body piercings are popular, with many women piercing the left side of their nostril and attaching it, with a chain, to a piercing in their ear.
The belly button is primarily pierced by women, while nipple piercings are nearly equally common between genders. This are typically made on the ankle, neck, forehead, eyebrow, and the space between the fingers or toes. Young yogis even now follow the practice of stretching the piercing to stimulate the psychic nerves connected to the ears. It is best to avoid people who do not have proper equipment or staff trained to pierce your ears. Kongkrit Chiayasate, the plastic surgeon who performed the operation, said Charlotte was doing well and recovering in the hospitala€™s intensive care unit, where blood flow to her new ear is being monitored.
Now, doctors have built her a new ear out of cartilage from her ribcage and placed it inside her forearm to grow.
Genital piercings and surface piercings, while less popular, are prevalent in certain cultures and age groups.

In some cultures, especially in certain African tribes, oral piercings are extremely common and considered a mark of beauty.
Outside of ear piercings, nasal piercings are probably one of the most socially acceptable piercings in the professional world, primarily due to their relative ease of being hidden.
The kind of jewelry used in these types of body piercings range from small, curved barbells to more elaborate, dangling jewelry. The Prince Albert, a small piercing on the underside of the penis at the tip, is the most common genital piercing for men.
Actually, I found out recently that the ears shouldn't be pierced at such a young age because the ear grows and changes as we grow. Many Celebrities wear ear rings and fans like to follow them .Today more and more men and even boys are having their ears pierced so they can wear earrings. Small, clear spacers in the nostrils, for example, are hard to detect unless a person is expressly looking for a piercing. Other piercings of the genital area include piercings of the vaginal lips, the scrotum, and scaffolding piercings on the shaft of the penis.
Anyone planning to get any of these types of body piercings should always go to a reputable artist; doing so can greatly reduce the risk of infection.
And if it got infected, would seriously worry about the infection spreading to my sinuses, nose or eyes.
I saw another girl with microdermal piercings on her lower back. I didn't even know that it's possible to pierce these areas.

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