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Otitis media (middle ear problem) ,otitis externa (outer ear disorder) and inner ear infections are the most common ear infection in adults. Although piercing your ears wouldn’t have an adverse impact on your health, it might be responsible for nagging and excruciating pains. Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same. Ear infections in adults can be classified into three - outer, middle or inner ear disorders.
Bacteria or virus cause most of the middle ear infections that cause swelling of middle ear lining and blocks Eustachian tube. However, slight redness and formation of scabs is a commonly reported, once the ear has been pierced.
If left untreated, this can spread to the other parts of the ear including the perichondrium. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider. Some home remedies to cure ear piercing infection should be resorted to for limiting the problem suitably.During the inception stages, you could consider removing the earring and cleaning area with diluted alcohol.

An infection can be detected with the presence of yellowish discharge, pain, irritation or burning sensation in the affected area, the formation of red bumps and swelling.
This will help in eliminating the infecting agents suitably and will help to prevent the problem from spreading.You could consider rubbing an ice cube onto the affected parts of the ear, for sustained relief and comfort. Fungus or bacteria that invade the ear during moist or wet conditions cause external ear issues. Consider repeating the process at least twice a day.Consider applying a regular antiseptic cream or solution to the infected area. Symptoms of ear infection in adults include temporary hearing loss, dizziness, nausea, ear blockage, ear pain, headache and fever.
Dip clean cotton into this solution and place it on the affected area, around four to five times.
Ear itchiness, pain associated with ear lobe or jaw movement and ear inflammation are other symptoms.Inner Ear Disorders - Nature, Cause and TreatmentInner ear disorders are quite common in adults and are also referred to as labyrinthitis.
While some are viral infections, some others include autoimmune ear disease, Meniere’s disease, perilymph fistula, ototoxicity, migraine associated vertigo, allergies and silent seizures. Therefore, make sure you increase your intake of garlic for sustained results.Use hydrogen peroxide to clean the affected area.

Earlier, doctors used to treat inner ear disorders by injecting medicines through eardrum but this treatment had potential hearing mechanism damage risks. The most common techniques for treating inner ear problems include using transtympanic injection using small gauge needle and syringe, round window microcatheter implanted under eardrum surgically or silverstein microwick allowing patients to self-medicate.Outer Ear Pain - Kinds and SymptomsThere can be many causes to outer ear pain.
Ideally, the infected part should be kept away from surfaces of common contact such as telephone receivers for speedy recovery. This condition is always associated with severe pain and can end up in complications if not treated promptly. External otitus is the most common kind and is characterized by infection and inflammation of the external ear and canal.
Furunculosis is a hair follicle infection that may form a boil and tugging outer ear can cause a lot of pain.
Extreme itching in the canal followed by drainage and ringing in the ear are the typical symptoms.

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