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Piercing is done as a fashion in many parts of the body like nose, lip, nipples, ears and nose. Normally piercing gets infected depending on the area in which piercing is done and on the tools used for piercing.
The area in which piercing is done will be pinkish red for some days and it will assume normal color in few days. Calla Gold is a Santa Barbara Jeweler specializing in custom jewelry design and jewelry repair. Don't Buy Titanium or Tungsten Wedding Bands CZ vs Diamond for Your Engagement Ring Rhodium Plating; Like Coloring Your Hair, Only for Jewelry!
This Santa Barbara Jeweler loves solving jewelry problems and ear lobe droop comes up a lot! This problem stems from too large and heavy an earring being worn on too thin or too bendable an ear lobe. The combination of the thickness of your ear lobe and the heaviness or three dimensional quality of an earring determine how an earring will present on your ear.
The way your lobe is shaped, its size and where it is pierced, also determine whether or not you will look good in different types of earring designs. Everyone’s ear lobes are different, some are thick, some are thin, some are large and some are small. Look at your lobes from the front and side in a mirror and the position of your  piercing to get to better know what you have to work with.
One of the most challenging styles of earring a person can wear is the circular button earring.
The tricky thing about testing is that at first it looks great, but as the day wears on and you use the phone and other activities, it starts to droop or sag. There are a number of ideas to try out on the earrings that you discover are drooping on you. They flatten the back of your ear lobe, preventing it from bending and so support your earrings all day long in comfort and beauty. Monster Backs support the weight of your earrings, so you can wear heavier more complex designs.
They are made of thick heavy gold, therefore they don’t come off till you take them off.
You need to grasp the front of your earring in front of your earring to hold it while you pull your Monster Backs off.
If you have tiny ear lobes or super low post holes and are wearing tiny earrings, your Monster Back may show below your lobe. Use plastic disc backs or 14kt gold monster backs with an earring that wants to tip forward. The wax filled center dries out after a time and the hardened wax now isn’t grippy any more, risking the loss of your earrings. For those with sensitive ears, the plastic disc backs can causes irritation, so isn’t an option. When the disc backs are new the wax in the center can be so grippy that you can stress out your earlobe trying to get your earring off.
When the grippy wax is super grippy, you risk bending or breaking a post putting them on or taking them off. If you have tiny ear lobes or super low post holes and are wearing tiny earrings, your plastic disc back may show below your lobe. Earring posts have a locking line near the end to keep your backings from falling off when they work their way back toward the end.

This Santa Barbara Jeweler has just shared one possible solution to Ear Lobe Droop with you. Also read my blog post: Confessions From a Jewelry Designer: Do You Suffer From Droopy Dangly Earrings? Yes Susan, monster backs can be very effective with drop earrings in supporting your ear lobe so they present pertly and keep the dragged down feeling on your earholes at bay. I realize this is a very late reply, but I was wondering how your suggested solution would work with earrings that are on earring hooks instead of posts. I visited your site while I was looking for ear cartilage piercings and I admit that I am very fortunate for doing so.
I am looking to buy 3 ctw diamond studs ,so it seems to be better to go with white gold than platinum to make them lighter and prevent drooping.
Does the 3 prong tend to burry itself into the pierced lobe thus taking away from the brilliance beside eventually damaging the earlobe? The martini setting makes the setting less noticeable and it does dimple your ear lobe a bit. I know this was posted many years ago, but I’d like to propose a potential solution for this problem that could be of use in many cases. I think you are smart as well to choose posts for your first earrings after the healing of your pierced hole. I currently have a plastic set of supporters, what just have a whole in the middle to slop your post through.
My ear lobe droop solutions have all in the past involved larger backings that keep your ear lobe from bending. Then I would definitely use the monster backs which are very grippy and won’t let go and will support your ear lobe so your diamond studs with their framing jackets will look pert! Calla Gold is your Personal Jeweler – a true “Jeweler Without Walls” who takes pride in working with clients one-on-one to integrate their personal sense of style and taste into custom designed jewelry and repaired jewelry pieces. If you are thinking about getting your ear pierced, you should be happy to know that you do not have to worry too much about ear piercing infection.
In the process of cartilage piercing, a person's cartilaginous tissue is penetrated for the purpose of inserting accessories like rings.
Nose piercing is an old type of body modification mentioned in the Bible and it was first recorded in the Middle East 4000 years ago.
For instance the private parts like genitals and lip are more prone to develop infection than other parts of the body, since it has more moisture content. White Sapphires vs Diamonds for Wedding and Engagement Rings Engagement Ring with Black Rhodium Finish White Gold vs Platinum - For Wedding Rings - What's the Difference? Most likely that earring will little by little tip forward until it’s pointing to the pavement. The large flat area of the earring backing behind your earlobe supports your lobe, the way a buttress supports a castle wall.
Fight sagging earrings and wear your gorgeous earrings, because you need to Wear it Don’t Warehouse it! This is especially true when your earlobe presents your earrings more side on than straight ahead. See if there is a way for you to try on a friend’s martini setting to see how it works on your lobe. In addition, if the complementary design element is kept fairly simple, it could easily be mixed and matched with other front-heavy post earrings.
Usually with post earrings the small gold backings will keep your earrings pert on your ear.

I need a back that will not slip off and be small enough so that two of them will fit without interfering with each other and not permitting a good fit. If you use the smaller easy fit earring backings then you may end up with ear lobe droop again. My yellow gold diamonds studs have screw backs so what do you recommend as I really love them and want to keep them.
Remove your screw backs as they do not allow for supportive backings to support your ear jackets.
When you put on straight (non-screw) posts, get longer ones than you have so you have a long enough post to hold the backing and your earring jackets. Unlike typical Santa Barbara jewelry businesses, Calla Gold has no brick-and-mortar location. Getting ear piercing infection is a rarity because the ear is the safest body organ in respect to piercing.
American Academy of Pediatrcis (AAP) explains how to avoid infections after ear piercing. In this procedure, the parts of the body penetrated are middle of the nose and the upper ears. In India, nose piercings were brought in the 16th century by the Moghul emperors from the Middle East. You may also feel irritating pain and itching sensation on that area, it can be due to infection. If so, it’s time to read this post and fight back against this silent Jewelry Enjoyment Killer! So these shouldn’t be used if the front of your earring cannot be handled and grasped. The thin screw-ons offer little in the way of earlobe support and can let an earring droop badly. If you have a tiny grinding thingie to grind back and forth in the little opening you can enlarge the opening to accept your thicker post. Calla Gold comes to you, bringing you the jewelry collection you want to see and collaborating with you to create unique custom jewelry. Not only does it requires minimum care and precautions, the healing process is usually completed within 2 to 3 weeks. An infection can take 24 to 48 hours to develop and in most cases it's quicker than that. Normally it takes 2 to 3 days for the skin to get healed but sometimes it may develop into severe infection giving pain and inflammation on the affected part. Do not delay in visiting your doctor if the piercing infection does not settle down in one or two days. I’d wait a few months before wearing earrings heavy enough to need the monster or plastic disc backings. Santa Barbara Jeweler Calla Gold personally designs jewelry that comes from your story and your heart. However, first piercing experience may lead you to irritation and other infection on your body. There is chance for infection to develop if unsterilized tools and needles are used for piercing the skin.

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