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Get a general overview of beads and beading supplies, and make a necklace or bracelet using beading wire and crimps. Take the next step and learn the secrets to stringing and finishing a multi-strand necklace.
Ndebele (also called herringbone) is a unique and versatile stitch that makes a stunning bracelet. Join us for a business workshop in which we discuss tips and tricks to taking excellent photographs of your jewelry. Join us at this business workshop where we discuss how to price your jewelry - what should be your wholesale prices, what should be your retail prices, and what to do when your prices are just too high for the market to bear!
Learn square stitch and embellish this dynamite cuff bracelet that will garner many compliments! Learn to make easy beaded beads that you can join together into a special bracelet or necklace. This project is great for advanced students who are looking to expand their 3-dimensional right-angle weave skills.
Get your feet wet learning right-angle weave and make this lovely bracelet you can finish in class! Triangle weave is a relative of right-angle weave, and allows you to make some lovely designs like the floral motif shown above. These little stars and snowflakes make excellent ornaments for your miniature tree, or fun package and bag decorations for your holiday gifts. Students are not expected to bring any materials or tools - all necessary materials and tools are provided by the instructor.
Take your beadweaving skills up a notch by making this tubular peyote bangle with embellishments.
Take your ndebele (herringbone) stitch skills to the next level and learn the tubular version of this stitch. It's easy to make beautiful jewelry at home with our new selection of beaded jewelry kits from Prima Bead.

The Sea Glass Bracelet Making Kit features sterling silver beads & findings, frosted glass beads, and sparkling crystals. This beautiful bracelet uses calming sea glass inspired colors, including aquamarine blue, lime green, and light teal.
The Gold Forest Earring Making Kit includes all the materials you need to make these gorgeous crystal & glass pearl earrings. The 14K gold plated beads & findings coordinate beautifully with the forest green crystals and soft gold pearls.
The Gold Forest Necklace Making Kit is a 3-strand crystal & glass pearl necklace kit designed to match perfectly with the Gold Forest earrings.
Kit includes 14K gold plated beads & findings, genuine Crystazzi crystals, and lustrous glass pearls.
You'll need to have some basic jewelry making tools on hand to complete your Prima Bead jewelry projects. Wear this fun bracelet to a special Christmas gathering or just for fun throughout the holiday season. Holiday jewelry kits are also a great way to create special jewelry items for handmade gift giving! The Christmas Lights Earring Kit is another fun holiday jewelry kit you won't want to miss.  Crystal tear drops and sterling silver accents make these earrings sparkle! Explore our fun & always-changing selection of Creative Craft Kits & Supplies at Weekend Kits and be ready to create something new - like beautiful jewelry - on your next Weekend at Home! Thank you for visiting the Weekend Kits Blog, where you'll always be the first to learn about What's New at Weekend Kits!
Learn how to make all of these great designs, with easy free step-by-step jewelry making instructions and my tips to make it fun and easy for you to make earrings. Making handcrafted wire and beaded jewelry is a relaxing hobby that can bring you enjoyment and profit. When the first loop has been finished, slide the next bead threaded on the wire against the first loop.

The round-nose pliers are placed on the main wire next to the bead, but with a gap equal to two widths of the wire.
This will make it possible to wrap the wire twice between the bead and the round-nose pliers. When the second wrapping is complete, the wire is trimmed as close as possible to the main wire.
This is the same as Step 2, except that the last loop of the previous bead has to be within the new loop being formed.
Artfully bent wire in combination with crystals and gemstones can produce attractive jewelry pieces. Some of the basic techniques include twisting the wire, wrapping a wire bundle, crimping or flattening the wrap, scrolling, and shaping. Learn how to use wire to connect components, other wire sections, beads, and much more with this very versatile wire wrapping technique. Single Strand, Multi-Strand, Hand-Knotted Silk Thread, Hand Wire-Wrapped, and Strung Gemstone Necklaces and Bracelets.You'll look great!!! Fabulous Wire Wrap jewelry by California artist Richard Gordon, featuring lapis, labradorite, azurite, rainbow moonstone, amber and more. Techniques for making jewelry with jewelry wire and beads including techniques for using our WigJig jewelry making tools page 1. Topical List of Jewelry Making Articles & InformationMore Jewelry Making Stuff - Jewelry MakingMisc. The basic even-count stitch will be taught, as well as a brief primer on how to read a Peyote stitch graph. The product descriptions provided for each of the jewelry kits tell you which jewelry tools you'll need as well as which techniques are used in making the jewelry project.

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