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The Legendary Card Master Snake has returned to town after he lost his legendary cards again. June 18 - June 25th - Legendary Cards and Legendary Pouches no longer drop from monsters. Legendary Pouch: Monster - Double-click to obtain either Seed of Annihilation, Sea of Spores, or Land of Chaos Cards. Legendary Pouch: Demon - Double-click to obtain either Seed of Hellfire or Prison of Darkness cards. Legendary Pouch: Undead - Double-click to obtain either Guillotine Fortress, Pagan Temple, or Imperial Tomb cards. Legendary Card pouches and Fairy Settlement cards will not drop from a monster that is 9 or more levels lower (dark blue) than the character that kills it. During the event, level 85 or higher characters can get Snake’s Blessing buff from Snake the Card Master. Snake’s Blessing increases in level every hour, and one random Legendary Card is sent to the inventory. If your character is dead when the buff effect wears off, you won't be able to get the reward and the buff skill for the next level.

In order to receive the random cards from Snake’s Blessing, you need at least 10 empty slots in your inventory and less than 80% weight. During the event, Snake will generously give away 1 FREE Legendary Card daily (resets at 6:30 AM server time).
When you turn in a deck, you will obtain the corresponding deck buff item and a reward item. Lineage II, PLAYNC, NCSOFT, the Interlocking NC Logo and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of NCSOFT Corporation.All other trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. While you have the buff, players can get 1 random Legendary Card each hour, from which they might even get a Hellbound card. If you are dead when you receive the Legendary Card, you will get both Snake’s Blessing and the Legendary Card.

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