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Single Earring Trend: A bold fashion statement for a party or red carpet event, this Single Earring style is defiantly not for the plane Janes!
Party Wear: Those who are into clubbing and pubbing this can make you stand out in the arc lights. So if you are the bold and brassy types, try this quirky single earring style which is trending on the ramps this season.

This single earring style ideally needs to be worn on one side, and you could cover the other ear with a side pony or your hair swept to the side of your face which will accentuate your single ring. You gals get to wear a host of earrings ranging from the gothic metal earrings to the feather ones or just about anything to duit your outfit. A simple glittering gown, stilettos with your hair swept to one side and a studded single earring stud, ear cuff or a dangler – the choice is yours.

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