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A region is an area where you put like items with like items.  For example, if you were creating a dressing region you would put your dresser, shoes, socks, dirty clothes hamper, and closet in one region so you can get dressed quickly in one area.
Answer these questions in seconds so you quickly see results in just minutes of de-cluttering.  To get motivated you could host a jewelry swap to give yourself a deadline to go through your jewelry. You have to buy a yard of chicken wire from most hardware stores, so my friend bought it and some extra frames at a thrift store and made several earring organizers to give as gifts. This jewelry organizer hangs 3 types of pierced earrings (studs, hooks, and continuous hooks) and has knobs for necklaces as well. This jewelry organizer is located in the bathroom right outside the clothes closet.  After getting dressed, the woman can put on her makeup, and jewelry all in one region.

Individual Earring Holder…Each earring hanger organizes and beautifully displays 60 or more pair of earrings on the mesh screen. Created for personal home use, however they are heavy duty enough for retail or commercial use.
Angelynn's Jewelry Organizers are not made with cheap metal, cheap finishes or by cheap labor. These anchors can be used on plywood, wallboard, concrete, block, brick or plaster according to the manufacturer and are rated to  hold over 25 lbs each. This Multi-Purpose Earring Angel (Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer) is Made in the USA Handcrafted one at a time by Skilled American Welders and Powder Coaters using 100% Carbon Steel, no mystery metals, tin or lead and we only use the very best baked on powder-coat finishes.

Our line of Jewelry Organizers, Earring Holders and Necklace Trees are a great way to safely store your jewelry, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and so much more. Available in different styles, colors and finishes matching most any retail store or home décor'.

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