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Ricco would appre­ci­ate feed­back about the type of ear­ring attach­ment you nor­mally pre­fer and the rea­sons for that pref­er­ence.  Do you own some of the types men­tioned above?  Have you lost ear­rings?  How do you lose them (in what way, do you sup­pose?)  Do you have a par­tic­u­lar lost ear­ring sad story?  Any com­ments about ear­rings are appre­ci­ated.
They are quite secure as long as the back (aka ear­ring nut, but­ter­fly clutch) keeps its spring ten­sion.

Lever­backs have spring-loaded clo­sures that are easy to put on and they are secure as long as they keep their shape.  Some are on the flimsy side, but they will last if you take care.
Not­ing the angle of the pic­tured hook you can see that it won’t take much for this wire to slip out unless you put on a keeper.

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