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The cashback normally gets tracked within 48 hour and the cashback gets paid in cash within 60 days. In Claudia and the New Girl, book twelve of the Baby-Sitters Club, one of the trademark traits of the BSC begins to fully emerge; The Clique. Claudia finds the notes, the empty junk food packets, and the short-sheeted bed, and does nothing about it, being too tired and overwhelmed by the amount of work she’s trying to squeeze into her life.
She [Ashley] was wearing a puffy white blouse, a blue-jean jacket, a long blue-jean skirt, and those hiking boots again.
She [Ashley] was wearing a long, all-the-way-to-her-ankles dress with three rows of ruffles at the bottom. It’s not long before Ashley is clinging to Claudia, convincing her to sit with her (and only her) at lunchtimes, trying to convince her that her art is more important than anything else in her life, and that she should spend every spare moment working on her craft. While Claudia does continually tell Ashley that baby-sitting is very important to her, and she loves it, she also enjoys Ashley’s encouragement. During their first walk through town, where the exclaim over the hidden potential and form of gum wrappers and discarded dish rags, Ashley decides that she is going to sculpt a fire hydrant.
It is during this inspiring walk of squashed soda cans and other dead inanimate things that Claudia realises she’s going to be late for another Baby-Sitters Club meeting, and hurriedly calls Dawn to cover for her. Is it worth noting that, even after realising that Ashley is using Claudia, the BSC don’t undo the damage or remove the notes in her room? The fight escalates, as Claudia tries to explain that there’s nothing wrong with an artist being sentimental, until both girls finally explode.
At one of the sketch-a-thons, Mary Anne happens to be baby-sitting, and gets to witness another Ashley hissy-fit. By the end of the book, Claudia’s trying to be kind to Ashley, despite how the girl treated her, by inviting her to sit with the BSC at lunchtime. And lastly, a poster of Max Morrison, stuck with chewing gum to the inside of Claudia’s locker. OH MY GOD, this show looks incredible (in an 80’s sitcom kinda way XD) – kudos to Ann M Martin for mentioning it! Before I get carried away with tracking down episodes of Out of This World, I’d better sum up. I can’t be sure, considering how the super-best-friend club react to Claudia being swept away by artistic Ashley.

Perhaps the moral of the story ties into all the baby-sitting jobs at the Rodowsky’s, and is that friendship is complicated and hard work and full of accidents.
I don’t know, maybe the whole fiasco is meant to represent a reality rather than an ideal. I had to wonder what would have happened if Ashley hadn’t turned out to be such a psycho.
I’m looking forward to the junior officers starting up with the BSC too, because I remember so little about them! Totally dibbleJust your average 30-something reading the Baby-Sitters Club to figure out what it was about these books that had me so obsessed 20 years ago. Publishing professionals – find the freelancers you need to get your book finished, seen and sold! The girls are becoming closer, better friends thanks to their adventures and mutual love of pizza parties.
If she had made it to the tri-weekly Baby-Sitters Club meetings, in her own room, they wouldn’t have had to do all this stuff to their traitorous vice-president. Stacey is the instigator of the hidden note scheme, feeling more betrayed by Claudia than any of the others, since Claudia is meant to be her best friend.
She was wearing a very pretty pink flowered skirt that was full and so long it touched the tops of her shoes – which I soon realized were not shoes, but sort of hiking boots. Beaded bracelets circled both wrists, and she’d tied a strip of faded denim around her head, like an Indian headband.
I had swept all of my hair way over to one side, where it was held in place with a piece of pink cloth that matched the dress. She’s fascinated by her appearance, and makes a lot of effort to engage her in conversation.
Do you know where room two-sixteen is?” It sounded as if it were killing her to have to talk to me.
They have a load of arty, supposedly inspirational conversations and walks throughout town, searching for the subjects of their sculptures, since Ashley has convinced Claudia that they should both do something contrary, and sculpt inanimate objects.
She drops out of the sculpture competition (though still intends to finish the Jackie Rodowsky sculpture, just at a pace she’s happier with), repairs things with Stacey, catches up on her school reading and starts attending BSC meetings again. Max Morrison is, apparently, the most gorgeous star in the history of television, and, according to the mention of him in Logan Likes Mary Anne!, is from a TV Show called Out of This World.

They felt betrayed, sure, but they completely lost their shit, and if Claudia had reacted by kicking the BSC out of her room forever, I wouldn’t have minded.
That friends like you for you, despite your differences and any mishaps along the way are forgiven because…ugh. I thought the BSC was supposed to be a symbol of everlasting friendship, loyalty, and support, a safe space for teenage girls to grow into mature young women capable of minding small children. 13-year-old girls can be awfully catty–sometimes even more to their friends than their enemies.
And Mallory so far as simply been a Pike kid whose character exists to help the BSC sit for her family and occasionally do math homework.
They’re even spending lunch times together now, Claudia mentions, when explaining how close the club has grown and how important they are to each other. She moved from Chicago, where she went to Keyes Art Society, an art college that Claudia raves and gapes about, which Ashley says Claudia would be good enough to go to. Her blouse, loose and lacy, was embroidered with pink flowers, and both her wrists were loaded with silver bangle bracelets. The girl was painted as shy, alternative, introverted and creative, but at the same time, manipulative, pretentious and when it came down to it, totally ice cold. I remember that Stacey moves back to New York (for a while), but didn’t realise that it would be so soon! Cripes, if the BSC felt betrayed by Claudia spending time with another girl in the same town, how are they going to react when one of their members leaves (whether she has any choice in the matter or not)?!
Don’t forget your friends when someone new and shiny comes along – or you deserve the consequences? Do thirteen year olds (or younger, considering the target audience) really need these messages (I can’t even remember if I did)?

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