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Earring jackets have been crawling back into style over the past few seasons, and designers have taken to the trend, which started on the street, for fall 2015. Designer are showing earring jackets in four metal colors for fall including silver, gold, rose gold, and black.
I found a few fabulous earring jackets, and ear crawlers, around the web for the fall 2015 season and assembled them into the shopping widget below.
From giant pearls, large 60's style triangles, mixed media, bling chain, and a ring on every finger - jewelry design is all fired up to get in the fashion scene.
The fashion crowd stepped back to the East London of the mid-Sixties atSaint Laurent, with models in lamé mini-dresses and Mary-Janes, as the light danced off the straight lines of variable sized geometric earrings.
There is no denying the fact that heels not only add extra inches but also give instant confidence to any women wearing them. Let’s check out Beautiful Women In Different Long Dresses which are found in different varieties and colors and also in stylish designs. Fashion forward and beauty oriented, always interested in whatever is trendy and hot hot hot!
Read on after the break to learn all about the coolest way to accessorize your looks, staring right about now and working your way into fall and winter.
Sure, this trend isn’t all that new, although it did grew considerably over the past year, so you might find yourself asking what’s all the fuss about the single, statement earring for fall 2015?
The styling trick works best with dazzling, costume-like chandeliers, with bulky floral-designs and vintage-like jewel pieces that are anything but subtle.
At Tibi, jewelry designer Paige Novick teamed up with the leading-edge brand in creating the large, gold brass hoop adorned with abstract shapes that accessorized the garments in a decidedly cool manner.
Styling tip: The statement earring looks absolutely stunning when peaking out from underneath strands of generously textured hair, particularly when minimalist knits in pastel hues are involved. Styling tip: Allow the statement earring to truly shine by styling your locks into a slick deep-side part. Like metals that bloom into full colour, Anteprima’s single earring acted as the epitome of autumnal femininity, the one-of-a-kind shape perfectly contemporary and forward at once.
Mixing beads with various geometric shapes and hanging low above the shoulder, Isabel Marant’s dazzling statement earrings may have been many and diverse, but the impact they granted was equally high. Styling tip: With the hair pulled up into a messy bun, and the make-up kept to a minimum, the one-earring design proves to be that one element able to add all the sugar and spice to your daily outfits. Oversized, glamorous, unapologetic, Balmain’s single earring is made from slices of natural rocks and served as the modern answer to retro-cool sophistication. Styling tip: Begging you to style your hair in a side-part, the jet-black accessories lined with gold, make for the sleekest of juxtapositions when teamed to colorful, kaleidoscopic garments.
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Accessories making or breaking a look, but nowhere was it proved as soundly as the runways of the fall 2015 shows. In New York, London, Milan, and Paris, nothing was catching our eye quite like all the extras. A new twist on a classic, pearls won a new life at shows like Givenchy where models’ faces boasted pearls from seemingly every plane or in a Gucci ring. The lug sole has left the trails behind and is primed to hit the city sidewalks; toughening up patent leather ankle boots at Balenciaga and rave-ready platforms at Alexander Wang. When it comes to the It bags for fall, all you need to do is a get a grip—on the nearest top-handled trunk at Louis Vuitton or a Marc Jacobs bag that has a softer shape.
From Chanel to Dolce & Gabbana, the emphasis was on all things shiny, pretty, and easily pinned, whether onto an elegant twisted up do or a party frock. Velvet has traditionally held a noble place in fashion history, worn by kings, queens, princes, and the like. The single earring trend of seasons past gathered speed for fall, with every version on the jewelry statement you could imagine. Finally, if you’ve a soft spot for spring’s gladiator sandals, then the new lace-up footwear promises a smooth wardrobe on into fall. As a part of the stud earring trend, designers added earring jackets to the backs of studs in order to make them more versatile; and give dangle earring fanatics something to wear!
While some styles offer an inch or more of a drop, the majority of earring jacket styles for fall 2015 are staying close to the ear. Embellishments includes sparkling CZ’s, or similar materials, and imitation gemstones. This style has also been around for a few seasons and is enjoying popularity for the fall season. With a decline in jewelry presence with fashion, based on minamalism, low key jewelry design and downplay; it seems for now in jewelry, 2015-2015 brings back the bling! Gold jewelry embellished gloves and bags, while huge floral crystal statement necklaces bloomed like enchanted Sicilian flowers. The fully branded shopping center metaphor carried through right down to the edible candy necklaces and pearls worn as a bandana, caught in a metal net slung around the neck. Getting bigger and better in a sea of equally bold jewellery trends, the single-earring is ready to add power to your it-girl game, guarantying the chicest results with minimal effort. Firstly, it’s less about the already played-out ear cuff and pearl stud, and more about oversized statement pieces that are unique, eccentric, out of the ordinary, ones giving you the chance to really stand-out in the crowd.
In sporting them, expect the rest of your outfit to fall quietly into the background while your accessories redeem their well-deserved place under the spotlight.
In the case of the single-earring statement, things became all the more inspiring on the catwalks, where some of the biggest fashion names strove to breath new life into the unconventional fashion trend. The heavy metal multi-ring cuff mixes edge with timeless sophistication, a combination that the woman of now will adore. Wear this kind of graphic, dangling earring with anything in between high-wasted jeans, chunky roll-necks and breezy, see-through, bohemian dresses.

Celebrate their uniqueness and pair them to fitted mini dresses, or elegant evening wear for maximum impact. Here’s your guide of trending topics to know about now, so you can start prepping your wardrobe for the seasons ahead. During the past 5 years jewelry trends were that jewelry fashion was at minimalism, almost non-existant. The latest jewelry trends 2015 are just so awesome that I had to make a list of the best ones.
When shopping for vintage jewelry, make sure the metal-tone has not worn off the edges, and all stones are secure. CGM Findings is loving the new jewelry designs coming forth crossing our fingers it's just a insight of fashion to come. Wear them this Fall all the way till 2016 Winter! Hot from the runways, I’ve already spotted some of these latest jewelry trends 2015 on celebs!
Celine Fall Winter 2015-2016 CollectionIf you want to be more subtle, try a long earring instead of a big one.
Giambattista Valli had sequinned earrings matching the outfits with embroidery and sequins. If you are not wearing any other pieces of jewelry, it’s safe to try bold bright colors that contrast your outfit.
Isabel Marant Fall Winter 2015-2016 CollectionIf you are wearing other pieces of jewelry, like a necklace, the safest bet is to wear them in matching colors. Balmain Fall Winter 2015-2016 CollectionDare to add more drama to your look and show off your face? In fact, Chanel’s Ready to Wear Fall 2015 collection paired charms necklaces and belts with other jewelry trends too!Also see how it was last season in 6 Latest Spring 2015 Jewelry Trends.
Mismatched Earrings at Dior Cruise Fall 2015 Collection Nina Ricci Summer 2015 collectionIf both the earrings are colored, the safest way is for them to be the same color. Mix n Match Earring Trend at Loewe Fall 2015Or use one common color between the two earrings. Nina Ricci Summer 2015 collectionOr pair your large earring with a matching earcuff, like Gigi here!! I also love how she has thrown in a matching chain necklace with what looks like her name in the pendant.
This year’s historical pieces range from Victorian to Georgian to ancient Roman inspired jewelry.
Gigi Hadid for Seafolly Spring Summer 2016 swim collectionSo will you be wearing this awesome single earring trend this season?

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