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And Mary – you may a need a little practice, but am sure you will make something pretty! Another great looking tutorial – can’t wait to give this one a go when I get my hands on some black paper!!!
Well Honey from Honeys Quilling is back and is sharing another wonderful tutorial with you – How to Make Paper Quilled Butterflies.
I don\’t think I have the patience for this craft, but these butterflies are absolutely wonderful! Not only is it extremely simple (or so it seems), can be done with almost any paper with minimal tools, but it can deliciously be as complex and intricate as you make it to be.

Once you apply the waterproof coating and a little varnish – these will be durable and can be used just like the regular earring, will just a little extra care. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. These are some of the best quilled earrings we have found so far (and nop, we didnt create any of these, oh how we wish! In fact, all these are so intricate and stunning that it would have taken us forever even to try! We congratulate all those who have made these designs, or all the people who have ever created anything from quilled paper.

With colored papers of diverse textures, one can craft attractive bracelets, necklace and earrings.

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