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First, I’ll answer the number one most asked question: where can I buy Gothic Lolita Punk clothes in the US or Canada? Problem 1: I had said in a comment before that I have recently re-pierced my ears and now I have two piercings on my left one and three on my right. OK, I have a lot of personal stories from classmates at my university about trying to get work in Japan (I’m a taking a specialist degree in East Asian Studies). Second, don’t expect your proficiency with the language is enough to get you even in the door. I actually have gotten to visit Tokyo Rebel, at your suggestion, and it was A DREAM COME TRUE!! I think everyone is right in saying that it’s smart to take the piercing and tattooing slowly and gradually. Oooh I mentioned that in my Australian Gothic article for Lip Service – did you see it?
Hi, do you plan on featuring or have you featured photo studios specially geared for Lolita-genre shoots by customers themselves ?
I can’t say much on the whole living in Japan thing though, but I was wondering that if one wanted to visit Japan, what would be a good level of the language to know? One of the best pieces of advice I got about applying for jobs in Japan is about presentation and dress code.
In regards to getting you dream job, I think its always a good idea to get some experience in your own country before trying to get a job overseas.
We guarantee to refund any item you are not completely happy with when you return it to us by post, unused in a saleable condition within 7 days of receipt. It houses boutiques for Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Alice and the Pirates, and 6%DokiDoki. Many of my foreigner friends are near-fluent, with years of work experience in Japan — and still, they have a hard time finding and maintaining jobs. My friend Mai Sassy Girl is doing extremely well as a fashion promoter and writer and all-around-dynamo (notice that many of us have multiple roles?) But she started as an English teacher, building up her connections and language skills for a few years.
I think the best introduction to this world is by going with trustworthy friends that have been to Goth clubs before.
I really like what you said about working in Japan, and about using being a foreigner as an advantage.
I have studied Japanese and am involved in archaeology there with some of my research and I feel with great knowledge there is still so much to learn and you have to be flexible and do many things as well as never give up and you will always feel like a beginner there! Two things will really give you a leg up, and they are; having a Japanese contact, which is sort of the case with a lot of jobs anywhere but having a real live Japanese employee vouch for you is a lot of help. Remember you are going up against actual Japanese, so it’s expected they should all be perfectly proficient in the language (as should you). I think being a flexible self-starter and thinking outside the usual path (ie: applying for a job at a company) is the way to go.

I actually think there are MUCH LESS creeps at goth events than other clubs, but they do still exist.
I did things like that or the fact that I was an over achiever made my mum’s complaints sort of invalid since I did nothing she could complain about besides being and looking goth. My little cousin wants to get a lot of piercings and she just doesn’t seem to understand that the problem with that is caring for all that at one time would be hard!
Like some phrases to help you get by or at least a little kids level of the language (like around a first graders knowledge of the language)?
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At Marui One and CD Japan, you can choose from a variety of brands (including Algonquins and Moi-meme-Moitie). In order to get a decent job at a medium-to-big company, such as Kera, realistically you need to pass JLPT 1 or graduate from a Japanese translation program, AND have something exceptional to bring to the table.
Going slow is smart, since it allows proper healing and ensures that you aren’t rushing into decisions. You can read previous Reader Questions here, and contact me if you’d like me to dish out advice.
Same goes for tattoos, I got my first one at the ripe old age of 22 (^_~) and hope, once I graduate and get a job, expand on that as well. You must have a seeking spirit and never stop even when doors close in your face or you are called bakka and tall!
If you start with something way more low level you can build up a little bit of cred, some references, and friends and connections on the side. With a larger event you have more people to watch over you, and you very likely have more space to escape to should a creep start hanging around. My parents never really cared about the piercing since they can always be taken out but with tattooing they always threatened to kick me out of the house, but in hindsight I’m glad that they did because I probably would have gotten some I REALLY regret. I like knowing the language of the country I visit as it seems like a better way to express what you want or what you need help with.
What should I do about that idea, since the more I sit just staring at the sites, the more I see things I want just go away. Take out any piercings you have (I even took out my ear piercings), cover any tattoos, wear minimal make up and er on the side of caution.
I also want to be a journalist, abet a music journalist so I have started my own blog to write about it everyday and I am completing an internship at a well known media company. I have a big question for you that I just couldn’t really find on the internet, no matter how hard I looked. Especially after I saw the Goth owner of a manga shop down in Athens wearing the connected-with-chains piercings. Even if you have to wait a bit, you’ll still have 70+ years of your life to have super-pierced ears!

My brothers who are in a popular goth band, who have done many annual tours all over Europe agree with me on this point. And are there some nice clip-on earrings that I can get her to tide her over, as well for myself as an alternative for the moment till she can get more done on herself? For instance, I learned Italian throughout high school and my family visited Italy when I graduated. And I was wondering what the sizes on clothes were like, as I’m not exactly a skinny girl (I took after my hockey playing dad). After I graduate college, I really want to try working in Japan for a while, because… well, frankly speaking, life has been rather dull lately and I wanted a big change of pace and kick it up a notch. Other inspiring entrepreneurs include Nathan of HearJapan, the digital music label that houses your favorite Visual Kei acts. However, my mom (the usual suspect, huh ?) doesn’t want me to do any more than I already have. You can still be really spooky and part of the sub culture with accouterments that are temporary.
I’m going to be taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test 2 once I graduate (and have some asskicking self study sessions haha). She says the usual stuff about it being over the top and giving the wrong impression… but she tells me I can wear fake earrings. If yu really do, you can pierce the cartilage, wear the chain, and your mom will think it’s only a fake one!
For example, the death rock trio of Cinema Strange are VERY goth, ultra dramatic on stage (and off!) and at most they have their ears pierced.
And, in a roundabout way, I think that thats my advice on going to a foreign country, though if you plan on living there, I would assume you know the language fairly well, but if you are just visiting, at least have a grasp on reading the official language, as it can save you in the strangest ways possible! I guess what I mean is what would be a good size to order for clothes, since measurements really confuse me.
As an aspiring writer and artist, I’d like to do something that would help me develop those skills. Because of my love for Japanese street fashion, I was wondering if it would be realistic to try working for Kera magazine. I could imagine the set of job skills that they would want, but I’m not entirely sure how realistic my goal is. With the economy tanking and written media slowly dissolving, plus me being a foreigner (though I am Asian, maybe that helps?? I had to wait until my favourite bands played all ages shows in Los Angeles before I could even go to a goth concert so I feel your pain.

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