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For a look similar to Rachel’s own the large pearl and crystal earrings add a statement style. Get the hottest fashion, beauty and celebrity updates from the week's top stories, enter exclusive subscriber giveaways and be the first to receive the full digital version of REAL STYLE magazine. Features:This necklace features cool black color teardrop beaded earrings and necklace set. With that, we take a look at the vintage-looking oversize statement earrings that the super stylist recently wore and have chosen several pairs, at every price point, for an antique air similar to Rachel’s style.

For something budget friendly, these Baroque earrings offer an old world look for under $30. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.
Finally for a glamourous finish Badgley Mischka’sĀ intricateĀ lace earrings will dazzle with any outfit.
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Zoe, we suggest that you wear your hair loosely pulled back for a relaxed ladylike finish that highlights a striking statement with accessories.

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