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Start by inserting your strip of paper into your slotted quilling tool and roll it just a bit. When you have rolled so that the folded triangle portion cannot be seen anymore it is time to fold your strip backwards again. Continue folding your paper and rolling, making sure the top flares out while the bottom always stays close to the quilling tool. Click HERE to find where you can purchase paper quilling supplies – many sources listed from around the globe!
Like the growing breed of paper quill crafters trying out traditional jewellery, my friend and the ever chirpy and creative Sankgetha Sripathy (pronounced Sangeetha) who runs the Smudgy Trove Facebook page, tried out of all things, jhumkis or jhumkas, that are so integral to an Indian woman's conventional attire. She was kind enough to send me the pictures of material she used, and details of how she made them. Now insert the eye-pin in that narrow hole, in such a way that the `eye' sits on top of the cone, and bend the pin's other end inside the cone to steady it. You could overcome this problem by minimising the amount of glue you use while rolling the paper, and alternatively using a finishing spray to give the pieces a glossy shine. If you are into paper quilling and love jewellery, this one is a perfect combination for a creative afternoon!

If they don’t turn out right the first time, keep on trying, it can take some practice! I could give you some tips if I could see a picture of the rose you have made, feel free to email me a picture at [email protected] Otherwise all I can say is that you do have to make more than a couple roses to get the hang of it, so keep trying! Almost any paper glue will work just fine, though there are some that have features that make them nicer to use.
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Unlike the usual greens and reds besides gold hues that we use for jhumkis , these can be used with a range of clothes.
These are some of the best quilled earrings we have found so far (and nop, we didnt create any of these, oh how we wish! In fact, all these are so intricate and stunning that it would have taken us forever even to try! The angle of which you fold the paper can make a difference in your design, as well as the placement of the bottom edge of the paper on the tool while you are rolling. We congratulate all those who have made these designs, or all the people who have ever created anything from quilled paper.

It will be a while before I get hooked to this craft that's become a rage in India, but here is something from someone who is dear to me. If you are making fun little projects like gift tags, you don’t need to worry much about the glue you are using. If, on the other hand, you are making things to last like nice framed pieces, then you’ll want to choose a high quality glue. Be kind enough to tell me where i can get thesupplies for this in an affordable rate in mumbai(borivalli). But I am still struggling with jhumkies as I am not yet able to make a cone out of the roll.

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