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Composer Richard Einhorn lost most of his hearing several years ago, but that hasn't held him back, thanks to state-of-the-art digital hearing aids. One day in the fall of 2010, composer Richard Einhorn woke up and realized there was something horribly wrong with his hearing. Unlike his right ear, Einhorn's left ear did get better, though unamplified sounds remain very faint. One of the big reasons people returned hearing aids in the past, Medwetsky says, is that they did not like how their own voice sounded a€” as though it were coming from inside a barrel. One solution he's found for noisy environments is a smartphone app that uses the phone's microphone to capture and deliver amplified, focused sound to high-quality headphones.
To keep with the swift movement of the year, our job has been to continuously and rapidly supply you with the latest and greatest of R&B, and the month of April will prove no different. Adding a few new faces as well as some familiar ones, this month’s round-up of the top picks will keep you along the lines of the mellow and blossoming sounds that Spring brings with it.
Although there were many tracks that were considered, it was the fresh sounds of RCA Records newcomer Jordan Bratton, indie artist Gallant, buzzing duo Lion Babe, and more that eventually pulled us in and captured our hearts.
There is debate, however, in the online world about whether the item isA offensive or racist. Cultural caricatures were the target of a recent effort by an Ohio University student group poster campaign denouncing a€?racista€? Halloween costumes. The posters showed students of a different ethnicitiesA holding photographs of an offensive costume. This is not the first time that Forever 21 has been at the center of a controversy surrounding a product. All comments must follow the Community rules and terms of use, and will be moderated prior to posting.
While we’re definitely not negating the talent of all those who released something new to vibe to this month, these specific artists resonated with us a little more.

And that was definitely the case this morning as I was browsing the net for some new tunes.
Many of those who believe it is offensive comment that the issue is with the word a€?Oriental,a€? which is often regarded as a derogatory word when referring to people. This charm has a tan-skinned girl with exaggerated rosy cheeks sporting her hair in two braids and wearing a a€?traditionala€? Native American dress.
In September, outraged consumers denounced the branda€™s a€?Allergic to Algebraa€? shirt marketed to girls and teenagers.
And they've at least mitigated many of the problems that plagued earlier devices, Bakke says. At previous musical performances, he'd tried listening the usual way through his hearing aids and the result had been painfully bad. NPR reserves the right to use the comments we receive, in whole or in part, and to use the commenter's name and location, in any medium. A Mexican boy holds a photo of someone in a sombrero, colorful poncho and exaggerated mustache riding a stuffed donkey. Also, miniaturization has led to units that may fit entirely within the ear or even disappear into the ear canal. He would never recover any useful hearing in his right ear because of a problem called hyperacusis, which makes even ordinary sounds intolerable. Those microphones are linked wirelessly to a device that blends the voices and sends the sound to his good ear.
So he began investing in technology that could help him make the most of the hearing he had left. Einhorn, the composer, says he misses the subtle everyday sounds he used to find comforting a€” sounds like the swish of a towel landing in a laundry hamper. The Federal Communications Commission requires cellphone makers to indicate whether a particular phone is compatible with hearing aids and whether it works with t-coils, she says.

Fortunately, New York subway booths have started using an old technology known as a loop system. And modern hearing aids are programmed to amplify only those sound frequencies a person has trouble hearing. It takes sound from a microphone inside the booth and beams it to a receiver called a telecoil, or "t-coil," that's found in most hearing aids.
He also went on to buy devices that help him hear what he's composing, talk on the phone, listen to live music, and carry on conversations in noisy restaurants.
Many people still see the devices as an unwelcome sign that they are getting older or less able, she says. First, listen to Einhorn reading an early 19th-century quote from Ludwig van Beethoven, bemoaning his own increasing deafness.
Einhorn says the problem with the microphones on hearing aids is that they are often too far away, so background noise drowns out what you are trying to hear. This allows them to do things like reduce the drone of an air conditioner while amplifying speech sounds. The woman you can just barely hear in this recording is Dana Mulvany, who often writes about the challenges faced by people who are hard of hearing.
But in the digital age, hearing aids and so-called assistive listening devices have become smaller, smarter and much more powerful. That's the best solution for people like him who have hearing loss that affects the entire range of sound frequencies.
And they can use newer, so-called open-fit hearing aids that leave much of the ear canal open.

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