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SOUTH PLAINFIELD – Four people were taken to the hospital as a precaution after a small fire and explosion at a plastics manufacturer this morning, company and police officials said. Veerag Mehta, an official with Polymer Dynamix, said that a dust collector outside of the building caught fire this morning, which caused an explosion through ventilation ducts.
Nobody was seriously hurt, but several people had ringing in their ears and they're being checked for concussions, Mehta said. The dust collector is actually a safety mechanism in the plastics manufacturing process, Mehta said. Just before the explosion, Yekutiel Wultz saw the man flash "an evil smile." Wultz, known as "Tuly," was eating with his son Daniel outside a food stand at Tel Aviv's Central bus station in April, 2006.
The smiling man, Sami Salim Khamad, was sent by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and blew himself up an instant later.
The two nations, both vulnerable to litigation as State Department-designated state sponsors of terrorism, "funneled money through the Syrian Defendants to the PIJ in order for the PIJ to carry out terrorist attacks," wrote Royce Lamberth, chief judge of the U.S. The Wultzes have spoken to at least 10,000 people and made a presentation before members of Congress on Capitol Hill. When victims of terrorist attacks and their families try to enforce similar judgments, they must overcome the objections not only of the targeted country, but also from the U.S. His case was helped by the Israel Law Center, which claims to have secured $72 million "that went directly to the victims and their families" in similar cases. Though each day poses its own challenges, the Wultz family has found ways to find joy in life. Their determination and spirit clearly moved Lamberth, who heard evidence and testimony during two days of proceedings even though the Syrian and Iranian governments did not contest the litigation. BARAKI RAJAN, Afghanistan :   As the smoke drifted across the field after the explosion, Private Ryan Thomas lay on his back, blood spattered over his face and teeth and his right sock soaked red. This is Baraki Rajan in Logar south of Kabul, a province which US commanders describe as a key battleground in the fight against the Taliban insurgency.
But Thomas was the first American hurt by a roadside bomb since the current crop of troops arrived at their outpost in July. They are spurred by the unprecedented insider threat that has seen 51 Western soldiers killed by their Afghan colleagues this year and the 2014 deadline for foreign troops to withdraw. US Army soldiers carry a wounded comrade injured in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast during a patrol near Baraki Barak base in Logar Province on October 13.

The question is: do Afghans have the capacity and willingness to go it alone in the face of such a resilient enemy?
US commanders say a record number of foreign fighters flooded in over the summer, many from Pakistan.
Officers now fear that bombs like the one last Saturday could become a growing threat, with Taliban fighters bedding down for the winter and less inclined to fight toe-to-toe.
He said militants including those loyal to the Al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani network whose leaders are based in Pakistan, are jockeying for influence ahead of 2014.
US officers say the insider attacks have have had the positive effect of forcing Afghan police, soldiers and intelligence to work more closely together, and become more proactive and independent. US Army soldiers protect a wounded comrade from dust and smoke flares after an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) blast during a patrol near Baraki Barak base in Logar Province on October 13. Afghans based in Baraki Barak, near Baraki Rajan, have patrolled without the Americans since NATO cut back joint operations last month due to the insider attacks.
Since then, US Lieutenant Colonel James Wright, commander of 1st Squadron (Airborne), 91st Cavalry Regiment, 173rd, says there have been only two attacks on the local base. Captain Abdullah Ardil said attacks had dwindled because the army refused to patrol far out of their base, while the Taliban presence in the area had increased. But after 11 years of war, billions of dollars and more than 2,135 US soldiers killed, American military engagement is in decline. Top brass no longer talk of winning but of leaving an Afghan force capable of withstanding the insurgency. Thomas was wounded as soldiers searched vehicles for weapons and ammunition along a dirt road — a dangerous operation that leaves them vulnerable to suicide and car bomb attacks. After the blast, medic Reginald Dean rolled around with his hands on his ears with concussion.
But seeing his wounded comrade, he stepped into action, cutting away the 21-year-old’s bloodied trousers to reveal a wound to the right calf and two deep lacerations to the left buttock.
The fire in the dust collector was extinguished within five minutes of the arrival of firefighters, Mehta said. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. But that task may prove more difficult than proving who was responsible for Daniel's death.

He described one hearing in which counsel for the Iranian government deferred to the State Department's argument in opposing terror victims' claims. Allowing the assets to be taken "can have a significant, detrimental impact on the conduct of our foreign relations," Fox News quoted the Justice Department saying.
That's not the case yet with Syria, but it's likely the State Department will oppose any effort by the Wultzes to attach those assets.
Every dollar they collect, Wultz reasoned, is a dollar that cannot go to plotting an attack or training a terrorist.
Those states deserve "unadorned condemnation" for using terrorism as state policy, he wrote. If victims of terrorist attacks cannot depend upon receiving the money the court awards them because the U.S. The pockmarked walls of the gym on the US outpost bear witness to mortar, grenade and artillery attacks.
They were capitalising on the assassination of a popular police chief as well as public fury at a NATO air strike that killed up to 18 civilians in June.
Six weeks ago US troops handed control to Afghans in violence-plagued Kherwar in the south of the province. The week before, returning from a night patrol, they broke down the gate because they did not want to wait for a key. The South Florida resident died four weeks later after enduring respiratory problems, gangrene, infections, shock and other injuries caused by shrapnel.
A federal judge awarded the family more than $330 million in damages May 17 in a lawsuit they brought against the governments of Iran and Syria for their responsibility in financing, training and otherwise supporting the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).
Lawsuits like this are possible thanks to a "terror exception" Congress added to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. But while one branch of government opened the door for victims to pursue justice, another branch has made it policy to block them from collecting.
This includes, but is not limited to, comments that include swearing, name calling, or offensive language involving race, religion or ethnicity.

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