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Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia, Philip II’s elder daughter and one of the most important women in the Spanish dynasty.
Princess Diana wore this on occasions – a charity concert in 1982, a banquet in London held by the King of Malaysia in November 1993. The Godman emerald necklace is a spectacular 19th century necklace which came to the Queen as a gift from two sisters. Chandelier earrings, designed with three drop-shaped emerald beads with rose-cut diamond-set caps suspended from an openwork white and yellow gold central area accented by full-cut diamonds and a central cabochon emerald, to a yellow and white gold surmount accented by full-cut diamonds and a larger oval-shaped cabochon emerald, the emeralds weighing approximately 13.00 total carats, mounted in 18k gold, with omega-stye clips and post backs, signed Gianmaria Buccellati.

Isabella Clara Eugenia represents the wealth of the Spanish Court, which by the mid 16th Century, enriched by the New World and its gold and emeralds, was leading Europe into its last great epoch of formal ostentatious display in which the art of jewellery played such an important role. The most famous wearing of this piece was in October 1985 in Melbourne, Australia when Diana wore the choker as a headband. Since ancient times, it is worn by noble and rich women, who are now proudly looking at us from their distant past in the classic and historical paintings by the great artists.
In Russia, the first Emerald was found by a peasant Kozhevnikov, in the roots of a fallen tree in the storm river currents on the Middle Urals.

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