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Hollywood Legend Actresses And Their JewelryJewelry is a woman dedicated to his own glory and love. Diamonds have been treasured for centuries, recognized for their tremendous beauty and value.
Now an exquisite pair of engraved earrings forever captures this sentiment, with 12 brilliant-cut diamonds, in an exclusive fine jewelry design from The Bradford Exchange. The precious sapphire has such a long association with royalty that it was worn by both King Solomon and Princess Diana! Inspired by a classic symbol of eternity, the circle design of this necklace evokes an enchanting sense of timelessness. Wear precious jewels treasured by royalty since ancient times, when you add the timeless beauty of emeralds and diamonds to your own jewelry wardrobe! Bradford Exchange, brings the splendor of emeralds into your life in an amazingly affordable way.These earrings are a standout among women's jewelry that will be noticed everywhere. Whether you're a talented stylist or the lucky client, you know how great it feels to look your best. Performance after performance, Elvis Presley® mesmerized audiences and captured his fans' hearts. More than a legendary entertainer and music icon, the King of Rock 'n' Roll® influenced generations with his fashion flair. Elvis TCB replica ring creates an electrifying presentation, featuring the famous "Taking Care of Business" slogan he inspired.
Special on television, is sure to put you in the spotlight.This dazzling Elvis jewelry is handcrafted and plated in shimmering sterling silver. There's nothing like a gift of rich, enticing chocolate to win a woman's heart - unless it's diamonds! The beauty of diamonds, the treasure of gold and hearts for true love come together in an elegant women's diamond watch. 50 brilliant-cut diamonds that surround the watch dial and shimmer in pave settings around six hearts on the bracelet-style watch band. This smart and stylish timepiece, an exclusive design from The Bradford Exchange, makes the ultimate romantic jewelry!
They exude colors as precious and beautiful as spring flowers in bloom and are believed to provide love, peace, joy and abundance. The world's magnificent oceans are filled with beauty and mysteries that call to us even in our dreams.

With its extraordinary radiance, the topaz is one of the earth's most beloved gemstones - even more rare and desired is the precious pink topaz.
Contemporary and ultra-stylish, the color pink holds a power that every fashion-forward woman recognizes. The Bradford Exchange.This Australian opal ring is handcrafted in solid sterling silver and features an oval-shaped Australian opal at its center. This exclusive, pink and white topaz ring arrives in a custom jeweler's case, making an unforgettable gift for any woman. The Bible calls the ruby the most precious of gems, and it has long been prized by royalty all over the world.
Celebrate the Magic with an enchanting reminder of our most treasured memories with Disney through the years! Yet, no matter how much that special someone means to you, it is often difficult to find a way to express just how you feel. A symbol of what is both rare and lasting, their relation to the endurance of true love is undeniable. This diamond and sapphire ring is perfect to treat yourself, and the ultimate jewelry gift for her. From sandals to slippers, high heels to cowboy boots, there's always a perfect shoe to match every mood. You will recognize the blue suede shoes, TCB® emblem, Graceland Home, guitar and other charms, each its own unique piece of Elvis Presley memorabilia. Makes stunning collectible Elvis memorabilia, and it's an exciting Elvis fine jewelry gift. Plus, a set of included FREE full-color tribute cards offers exciting information about Elvis' life and career. Strong demand is expected for this gorgeous tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll, so don't wait. Historic, iconic, legendary, even landmark, have used these words to describe her life's jewelry collection.
Strong demand is expected for these prized and precious The Legend of the Emerald Earrings, so don't wait. Now you can pay tribute to the King of Rock 'n' Roll with this dazzling Elvis Presley charm bracelet, a fine jewelry design exclusively from The Bradford Exchange.
In addition to their commercial itself has value, they harbor about fornication, passion, caprice, caprice, addiction, absurd and romantic story.0">People want to snoop through every piece of jewelry the legendary actress of Hollywood's most dazzling life and passion of the emotional world.

This handcrafted bracelet, inspired by a bracelet owned by Elvis's mom, features eight individual charms, some charms displaying a heart-melting portrait of Elvis performing by acclaimed celebrity artist Nate Giorgio, and others showcasing the title from one of the King's biggest hits.
Bloodstone is green chalcedony so spotted with red that it appears to be flecked with bright blood.
While the gleaming 24K gold-plated accents frame each charm, the remarkable "flex" band expands to fit most wrists. Its name is derived from its sanguinary appearance, which likewise has given rise to a beautiful legend concerning its origin. When Christ was crucified upon Calvary's heights, bright drops of His precious blood fell upon a green stone at the foot of the Cross and left their stain wherever they fell; and to this day, tradition tells, all manner of bloodstones bear the drops of the Master's blood. Wearers of this stone are assured happiness and victory by the old mythologies Like other gems, bloodstone possessed a host of magical properties, in the view of the ancients.
If rubbed with the juice of the plant heliotrope, while certain incantations were being repeated, it rendered the wearer invisible. An early English medico calls it "The speciall stone to staunche blooding & good against poyson."To a lesser extent it was believed to bring safety and a long life to its possessor. Bloodstone is silicon dioxide (quartz) stained green by peroxide of iron and permeated with spots of red jasper. It is a form of chalcedony, a waxy-looking", translucent or opaque variety of quartz, but it has the hardness of flint or jasper. The only acid solvent known is hydrofluoric acid, which is commonly used in the etching of glass, and the stone is infusible.It weighs a little more than two and a half times as much as water. The finest stones come from India, although fine gems are found in Australia, China, and Brazil.
One of the most famous bloodstones is "The Descent from the Cross", created by Matteo del Nassaro of Verona about 1525. It is in relief, with the natural red spots depicting the wounds of Christ and His dropped blood.This gem is supposed to have become the property of Isabella d'Este, Duchess of Mantua. The alternative birthstone, aquamarine, is, at its best, a bit of sky taken from the heavens at dawn.

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