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Price Realized is hammer price plus buyer’s premium and does not reflect costs, financing fees or application of buyer’s or seller’s credits. Whether you're looking for studs or drop earrings, The Jewel Box has a pair for every casual or special occasion. Contemporary earrings in 18k white gold with pear-shaped diamonds and a waterfall-like formation of round brilliant diamonds.
Contemporary earrings with pear-shaped tanzanite, rose-cut diamonds and round brilliant diamonds in 18k white gold.

A Peranakan heritage piece, this pair of antique diamond earrings is from nearly a hundred years ago. This is a small, dainty set, the face of the earring at 1cm and when worn it comes to 1.5cm. The green cat’s eyes are replaced stones, resplendent in color and saturation, and the band of light glides when the earrings move. The intan diamonds are hand cleaved and original to this century old Peranakan intan jewellery.

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