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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The iPhone 6 is not waterproof and even though the iPhone 6s can handle water better, it is not waterproof either unless you put a case on it. While no iPhone is waterproof yet, we still find ourselves using the iPhone around water, even when when there is a chance it will get wet or will be exposed to humidity.
It is imperative that you take quick action to dry the iPhone 6s to save it from a complete failure. Use these tips and tested tricks to recover from iPhone 6 water damage, even if it went completely underwater. As soon as you realize that your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s is in the water you need to start acting. This is what to do immediately after taking your iPhone out of the water, if you want it to have a better chance at surviving with minimal water damage. Shut It Down: There is a very good chance that your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s is still working after you remove it from water. Empty Water Out: Now is the time to make sure you get as much water out of your iPhone as possible. One of the go to options to save a water damaged iPhone is to put it in rice, but that’s not really going to help you much. You can find Silica gel packets around your house or even at a local shoe or department store.
Some hardware stores sell a product called DampRid, which you can put in a sealed bag with your iPhone for 24 hours to suck the moisture out of it. There are a lot of options to use to dry your water damaged iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, but you don’t want to get it too hot. In fact, Gazelle suggests leaving your iPhone out in the open air in a warm well circulated location. After you follow all the steps above, you need to leave your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s sit in the silica gel or on the counter without turning it on or charging it for at least 24 hours.

At this point, if the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s will not turn on, you may need to head to an Apple Store. Although not as nice as fixing your water damaged iPhone 6s or iPhone 6, you can pay as little as $299 for a replacement. You can use that to help pay for an out of warranty replacement for your water damaged iPhone. The one-click phone transfer tool helps you transfer contacts, SMS, call logs, notes and media files between Android and iOS devices.
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Items can be exchanged if returned unused, in their original condition with proof of purchase.
Wether it’s in the sink, toilet or pool, we’ll show you how you can recover from most iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s water damage problems. After you remove it from water you need to do as much as you can to remove water from your phone. Unless you have AppleCare+ or another extended warranty or insurance the phone standard warranty is already void. If you can’t find those, look for an object like Kensington EVAP which is available for as little as $8.
If you set the iPhone on a counter or bookshelf at home and leave it alone for 24 hours, you have a very good chance of it surviving the exposure. Just to be safe charge it using an adapter, not plugged into your computer in case there is still water. If the iPhone turns on when connected to power, but won’t hold a charge you may need a new battery. Even without AppleCare+, you can pay for an out of warranty replacement that is much cheaper than buying a new iPhone off contract.
Recover deleted iPhone contacts, text messages, photos, notes, videos, call history and more.

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Small water sensors in the iPhone indicate that it has been exposed to water, so Apple or your carrier will know if you take it to them. You may have better luck on these models since there is a new seal to prevent water damage. The same holds true for coffee, soda and alcohol — but keep in mind the sugar and other chemicals in these can cause more damage than water alone.
If you don’t have a SIM card removal tool, most earring studs will also work, as will some paperclips or thumbtacks. One of the biggest things to remember is not to charge the iPhone or turn it on for at least 24 hours.
That means you shouldn’t leave it in a car in the sun, put it in an oven or use a blow dryer on hot. If that is the case, plugging it in to your computer and turning it on could help you back up one last time. If you don’t and you are brave enough, check out these guides to take the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s apart.

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