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Item #1357L The Ear, Nose & Throat chart presents a visual overview of the interconnected structures of breathing, eating & hearing. Delivers almost twice the field of view at higher magnification compared to standard otoscopes, making it easier to visualize the auditory canal and tympanic membrane.
Part numbers reflected are for US Domestic use only, and some products are not available outside the U.S. Pediatric News recommends the MacroView Otoscope to help provide better visualization of otitis media. Boredoms were started in Osaka, Japan by Yamatsuka (later Yamantaka, now Yamataka) Eye (or eYe, depending on which album you're holding), best known for his noise project The Hanatarashi (later The Hanatarash) and his violent live shows performed under that name.
NOTE: This listing uses frames and has a lot of cover scans in it, albeit quite small ones.

Yamamoto, Boredoms' ex-guitarist, has said that these lists are the most comprehensive he has ever seen.
Improvised Music From Japan's Seiichi Yamamoto home page: Boatloads of info about Yamamoto (among many others in the Japanese anti-mainstream, if you go back to the root), with a lot of it available in English as well.
Seiichi Yamamoto Incomplete Discography: A Japanese fan page which gave me (A) a lot of information and scans to work with, and (B) a lot of headaches trying to translate some of said info using Jeffrey's Japanese to English Dictionary Server.
Boredoms at I-radio: A Japanese streaming online radio show hosted by Yoshimi and chock full of interesting music. SunShineShrine OKINAWA 1999-2000: What Boredoms did at the turn of the millenium was play this gig on the southernmost island of Japan. Japan File: Article about Seiichi Yamamoto that originally ran in Kansai Time Out, July 2000 (in English).

Large graphics illustrate the anatomy of the ear and upper respiratory tract through cross-sectional, frontal and cellular views.
This instrument is a significant advance in hand-held otoscopy, providing an improved view for enhanced learning and decision making.

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