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Let’s face it–a tasteful, tiny jeweled stud earring would look lovely on a girl who’s dancing a Mexican or a Greek dance. The “Amalia” dance costume is widely believed to be the national costume for women of Greek descent. Think ruffles, color, brightly colored ribbons, elaborate hairpieces and even all-white, lacy costumes with small, colored aprons. Now, seeing how each dancer or musician dresses, you can see that the more-demure earrings just won’t do.
Show-goers sure know how to turn the New York Fashion week into a parade of colors, unconventional shapes, intriguing materials and tons of glitter. If you are constantly working around the clock and want to maintain a perfect balance between your personal and professional life, you are probably wondering how you could turn a day-appropriate outfit into a gorgeous attire suitable for cocktail parties and other extravagant nighttime events. We all have that one-of-a-kind retro dress that has been sitting in our dressing for too long. Taylor Swift recently chopped off her long locks and it looks like she is having so much fun accessorizing her chic new bob! The 24-year-old stayed true to her preppy yet classic sense of style — and the earrings complimented her looks perfectly! These beautiful earrings features 2 carats of round diamonds set in flower leverbacks of 14 karat yellow gold.
These sparkling earring feature two cushion cut cubic zirconias accented by small round cut cubic zirconias set in leverbacks of sterling silver. These gorgeous earrings feature two 7mm purple amethysts accented by an engraved vintage style setting of sterling silver. Modern Legacy is an exquisite collection of diamonds and sterling silver with a vintage style feel and a modern flair.

Inspired by the famed hip-hop girl group Salt-n-Pepa, this 10-page fashion spread showcases the style that helped propel the female act to fame in the 80’s and 90’s. Just found your blog for the first time and spent two hours on it during the middle of a very sunny Saturday (I'm in Australia hence the timezone difference). The drama in their costumes comes through the costume embroidery and the colors used for the outfit. She may also wear an elaborate headpiece and, of course, she needs a pair of dramatic, gold earrings that dangle from her earlobes. We couldn’t get our eyes off long, glittery dresses, sparkling costume jewelry and flawless makeup.
While out and about in NYC, the star has showed off one casual chic look after another — and we spotted a signature style staple that she never seems to leave home without! Timeless, understated and feminine, her earrings sparkled beneath her new blonde ‘do. Grandmistresses of flash Liya and Lily are taking cues from rap’s female greats for an explosion of prints, platforms, sequins, and crimped hair.
Just a year or two ago, it was all cheesy and antiquated, but now, it's THE thing that people are doing.
I LOVE making things: all things, from clothing to jewelry, accessories, crafts, and home decor. With this skirt, women wear long-sleeved jackets, which have high-necked wide, white collars. Dancers from Jalisco wear the brightly colored dresses with the wide, flowing skirts that allow them to create beautiful bells of color as they lift the dresses and twirl to the music. What are the key pieces that we could actually “borrow” from trendsetters and use to individualize our own style?

Every time we see her, Taylor is sporting her initial stud earrings — and they look fantastic on her. If you prefer the look without the bling, you can also opt for a pair sans diamonds for $80 each. To complement their dresses, hairpieces and makeup, they also have to wear long, dramatic earrings. To look more authentic, the dancer’s or musician’s earrings should ideally complement the costume she is wearing. Their jewelry should also be modest, but it can be dramatic to echo the beauty of this ethnic costume. To finish off the costume, each dancer wears a hat with a long, braided cord that is usually made using the woman’s hair. While each costume emphasizes a respect for the traditional culture, they are also dramatic, modest and made from brightly colored fabric.
And, of course, dancers can finish off their costumes with a bright embellishment–dramatic, dangling earrings. The mariachi musician’s costume may also have metallic coins attached to the sides of the skirt and jacket.

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