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Sound design is a delicate thing in films, in fact, if you’re not careful, you can change the entire GENRE of a film with it. We see the main character Joe Gideon sitting at a script read for his masterpiece of a Broadway performance. All these foley sounds put into this scene are at full volume which makes it punctual, sound completely centred which carries your attention forward, and no effects are added leaving the sounds even harsher and raw. How about the high, terrifying shriek of two sustainable violins when you first see the StayPuft Marshmallow Man peering over New York City?

Can you imagine if the sound designer picked a piccolo and a banjo duet for the Stay Puft reveal? Sound has always been an important theme in my life and has carried on to my love of filmmaking. Without good sound design to your film, you can lose your audience. The next time you want to show your film to someone, close your door, turn up your speakers and close your eyes.
Surprisingly it came back to me pretty quick and I was on a journey to fill in the gaps of silence.

All we hear now is Joe tapping his pencil on the table, breathing harshly, scratching on the metal staircase, breaking the pencil and dropping it on the ground.

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