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Wear this Kimberly McDonald ring as your only adornment to keep this stunning investment in focus. Kimberley McDonald celebrates the organic beauty of precious stones with her sought-after fine jewelry collections. Created with materials from reclaimed and organic sources, this breathtaking piece is feel-good fashion at its finest. Anita Ko’s gleaming 18-karat rose gold leaf earrings are treasure-forever statements in earthy elegance.
In each gemstone earring a vibrant natural and genuine 5mm round garnet is beautifully set in a 4 prong 14kt white gold setting. These unique gemstone earrings feature two 7x5mm emerald-cut bright garnets that are complemented by round brilliant-cut diamonds.

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Even today, birthstones are said to represent specific qualities—courage, sincerity, creativity, innocence, constancy, luck, etc.
A gold chain with a birthstone pendant, or small jeweled earrings will thrill a girl who's making her First Communion, celebrating a Bat Mitzvah, or enjoying her Quinciñera or Sweet Sixteen. On the other hand, a ring or bracelet with the birthstones of each child or grandchild will make any mother or grandmother smile each time she looks at it.
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In the form of jewelry—rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and earrings, they make always-welcome gifts.
This organic pair are beautifully offset by the surrounding diamonds-wear these Kimberly McDonald earrings with swept-up hair and clashing lipstick for a bold evening look.

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