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If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it. We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. But after eight great years of living in this wonderful country, I still have some questions about Switzerland that I have yet to find a satisfactory answer for. And as you know, as direct democrats, we believe that we decide about what should be and what not. Indeed, so isn’t it time someone stood up to them and reigned in their power and obscene profits?
For example, the American CocaCola group sells the very same Coke bottle for 57 cents to German customers, but for 97 cents to Swiss distributers. The same with the American company QIAGEN which sells the very same product in Germany for only 50% of its Swiss price. So why then should a by Americans executives leaded (Swiss) company (Joseph Jimenez, CEO at Novartis, and Daniel O’Day, Chief Operating Officer Pharmaceuticals at Roche) not follow the same patterns!? Besides, there are in fact onging political discussions (called in German: Vorstosse) on the way, and will be discussed and decided about in parliament in the near future. 5) Yeah, what was said above – big pharma is REALLY big here, and they made sure parallel imports are forbidden for their products.
2) Swiss dairy farmers wear one or two dangling earrings which either have a pendant of a cow or a milk ladle. About DicconAs well as grappling with German grammar, re-learning to cross the road properly, and overcoming my innate desire to form an orderly queue, I have spent the last few years exploring the bits of Switzerland I’d never heard of before.
Today is my last day of grading for the year, so here's a very quick post on reactions to my Sarah Palin essay. I'm continuously fascinated by the way that conservative reaction - mostly male reaction I think, but on the internet who knows - to my essays fixates on my sexuality, often by talking about my earring. I get this a lot when I write about gender, too, the conservative male response that if I am a feminist, if I think it's important that we don't essentialize gender, then I have to be gay.

What's interesting for me here, but not surprising, is the necessity to de-masculine me (emasculate?) in order to argue.
You know David when I have challenged conservatives points of views especially on Speaker Boehner's blog I have been called all of the same homophobic slurs as you have.
It amazes me how often people fling insults at people, that have nothing to do with the topic. The New York Times Confirms Academic Stereotypes: Two months of opinion essays on higher education. In most of the western world, it's been OK for any guy to get his left ear pierced, without it meaning anything, for many, many years.
But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. So, brief answer is that there is a strong connection between the Swiss people and its properties, may that be the country as whole, or just the public transport system. Very easy, the powerful Swiss pharmaceutical industry makes sure we can’t buy it cheaper. A lot of my friends only drink the blue one, probably because of the sugar int the red original (and no one I know drinks green or yellow). This website carries on from that, with facts and photos about Switzerland, and my insights and thoughts on Swiss life. Getting back to topic, as I said earlier one of my personal favorites would have to be a hoop in the left ear a la Mr. I normally wear a captive ball in the lower piercing in the left ear, occasionally another in the right.
The comments here have lots to say about my earring, in particular, which baffled me the first time. It shouldn’t be so hard in the computer age to work out the timetables but only the Swiss seem to have mastered it.
The Swiss Minister for Home Affairs looks scarily like the baddy from Thunderbirds but maybe no-one here watched that as a child.

It must be a taste you develop in early childhood, which I spent in Northern Germany (hence also my preference for mild cheese, because I grew up on Gouda).
I had originally planned to have the other ear done as well.I really like the look of two bent barbells or heavy hoops on guys.
I don't wear anything in the second one of the right ear, but now have 6 gauges in both ears and have studs in both. The left ear hurts a bit after a few hours of wearing so I would wear them for special occasions only. How many of your critics can say they served their country in Vietnam, Korea, and Desert Storm?
Features 4 button front, coconut buttons, vertical button holes, hem-stitched finished armhole and side seams, and single patch left breast pocket.
I like sugar, I like water, I like milk, I like bubbles but put them together and it’s revolting. Swiss companies cannot buy the same products at German distributers, since CocaCola threatens the German distributer with sanctions if it does not follow CocaCola’s price definitions!
Ask the older people, but only if they looked much international television series in those old days.
Right now my face seems kind of asymmetric due to the earplug drawing all the attention to my right earlobe.
For everyday use I got silicone tunnels (in silver) based on Red's recommendation in another thread. Or is calling someone a fruit simply the worst thing they could think of, that thanks to their homophobia they would never want leveled at them, so they throw it at me.
This set off a fire storm of attacks on my person to discredit me by labeling me a gay liberal amongst other things despicable, none of which had anything to do with the subject of discussion.

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