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The dual-inlet consists of two gas bellows connected by a change-over valve to the mass spectrometer. The GC-IRMS allows us to look at isotope values of individual compounds such as fatty acid and amino acids.
The Sartorius SC-2 Microbalance is a highly accurate balance with a draft shield coupled to a laptop allowing the balance to send the sample weight directly to an electronic spreadsheet for accurate and consistent measurements. The use of a mass spectrometer as the detector in gas chromatography was developed during the 1950s by Roland Gohlke and Fred McLafferty. The sample is introduced manually into one bellows, and standard gas is in the second bellow. A capillary takes a sample of the Helium stream and introduces it into the mass spectrometer. A sample is combusted in an Oxygen stream at 1100C,then passed through oxidation and reduction tubes to form CO2 and N2 gas. If this document is dynamic and can be syndicated or aggregated, include the link to the RSS file.

The instrument at the left is used for instructional and research and is located in room 190A.
These sensitive devices were bulky, fragile, and originally limited to laboratory settings. The GC effluent is directed into the mass spectrometer, where a spectrum of each component is obtained as it elutes from the column. The peaks are separated on a chromatography column allowing both C and N isotope composition to be determined on a single sample. The development of affordable and miniaturized computers has helped in the simplification of the use of this instrument, as well as allowed great improvements in the amount of time it takes to analyze a sample. The GC works on the principle that a mixture will separate into individual substances when heated. This results in a very precise measurement (precision better than 0.01 ) of the sample isotope composition. In 1996 the top-of-the-line high-speed GC-MS units completed analysis in 90 seconds, whereas first-generation GC-MS would have required at 15 minutes.

The disadvantage of the dual inlet is that it requires extensive off-line preparation to produce pure gas for the analysis. The other system has an Elemental Analyzer connected by a Conflo II and a Preconcentrator connected by a GP interface to a Delta Plus mass spectrometer. Our mass spectrometer has a multi-port system that allows for the automated analysis of ten samples. A selected ion chromatogram of mass 91 will show the chromatographic peaks attributable to aromatic compounds.

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