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Tinnitus is a disease that cause a lot of trouble to patients, the loss of hearing and the noise inside both will bring pains. Ginkgo biloba is an herbal extract which have strong antioxidant and circulatory-promoting properties.
However, scientific evidence shows that ginkgo biloba does not have so good effect on tinnitus.
And a study in 2004 even shows that treating tinnitus by ginkgo biloba can be harmful.Ginkgo biloba was proved to be ineffective for the treatment of tinnitus many times in the past years.
So in our point of view, it is not wise to use ginkgo biloba for the treatment of tinnitus. Extracten van het blad van de Japanse notenboom, Ginkgo biloba, in de vorm van tabletten of thee, worden nog altijd aangeprezen omdat ze de bloedcirculatie en de geheugenfunctie zouden verbeteren en bijvoorbeeld zouden helpen om geheugenverlies of dementie te verhelpen of te voorkomen, tegen tinnitus (oorsuizen), etalagebenen (claudicatio intermittens), erectiestoornissen, duizeligheid, premenstrueel syndroom, glaucoom, enzovoorts.
Tal van studies hebben echter tot nu toe geen significant gezondheidseffect van preparaten op basis van ginkgo kunnen aantonen. Een Engels dubbelblind onderzoek toonde aan dat de gebruikelijke standaard dosering van drie maal daags 40 mg gestandaardiseerd extract praktisch geen invloed heeft. Ooit een wetenschappelijk onderzoek gelezen dat deze plant goed is voor het serotoninegehalte en daarmee een natuurlijk anti- depressieve, waardoor mensen zich beter gaan voelen en daardoor alerter reageren.
Ginkgo biloba is taken orally and can be used in varied forms as tablets, capsules, liquid extracts and dried tea leaves which can be consumed similar to tea.
Ginkgo biloba tea is easy to prepare and can be prepared with other herb tea for maximum benefit.
Migraines affect more than 36 million Americans – that’s nearly one out of every ten people!
Our state of health mostly depends on how well we look after our bodies, and it’s very important our diet includes good, healthy fruit and healthy drinks. Ginkgo biloba (BOb 761) as a phytotherapeutic agent used in otoneurology, psychiatry, and ophthalmology. Seventy-two patients (44 male and 28 female) suffering from chronic cochleovestibular insufficiency were included in our study. For the vestibular test and evaluation of postural and oculovestibular functions, the values of central nystagmic frequency and lateral body sway (LBS), with angular deviation (AD) in degrees, were used.
The hemorrheological properties of EGb 761 are reduction of blood viscosity, improvement of blood vessel elasticity, and reduction of blood cell aggregation. The vestibular and auditory system effects of EGb 761 are improvements of pathological changes in the cochlea [1] and support of ultrastructural qualities of vestibular sensory [2].
In our study, therapy with EGb 761 resulted in a very good, documented effect on the normalization of postural and oculovestibular reflexes.
Tra i rimedi naturali utilizzabili per curare gli acufeni, viene spesso citato e consigliato il ginkgo biloba.
I vari prodotti in commercio contenenti ginkgo biloba contengono un estratto di una pianta con il medesimo nome. Per le cure si utilizzano soprattutto le foglie della pianta che contengono principi attivi come glicosidi flavoidici (quercetina, kaempferolo, luteolina) e terpeni (ginkgolide, antocianosidi).
Come per altri rimedi naturali, esistono pochi studi sulla reale efficacia del Ginkgo Biloba per l’acufene. Nonostante questa ricerca, e ancora presto per stabilire se il ginkgo sia inefficace contro il ronzio alle orecchie. Il Ginkgo Biloba e un integratore sicuro e naturale che si puo trovare online o in farmacia in vari formati, principalmente in compresse o capsule.
Meglio evitare di assumerlo insieme a farmaci anticoagulanti in quanto ne aumenta l’effetto (nel caso verifica con il tuo dottore), o con altri farmaci e alimenti quali aglio, salice, paracetamolo (contenuta per esempio nella tachipirina), aspirina, caffeina. Luca che cosa ne pensi di ACUPHEX 120 marca Lynconcepts Advanced Research commercializzato dall BIOVEA ?
Si, la labirintite si accompagna spesso ad acufeni, e non e detto che anche dopo averla curata il ronzio smetta.
Ho ricevuto dall'autore di Miracolo per Acufeni una miniguida sulla dieta corretta da seguire per non peggiorare il fischio all'orecchio. Segui il metodo di guarigione di Thomas ColemanMiracolo per Acufeni del nutrizionista americano Thomas Coleman, finalmente tradotto in italiano.

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It mainly contains two active compounds, flavonoids and terpenoids, and that flavonoids is just what we used to cure tinnitus in hospital, so we can confirm that the activity for curing of tinnitus is because of that compound.
According to news from BBC, in 2001, researchers make an experiment with herbal extract ginkgo biloba and placebo for treatment of tinnitus.
Researchers stated that using it as a therapeutic remedy was a waste of money and could have potential adverse side effects if used with other medications. The compound flavonoids really have effect on tinnitus, but ginkgo biloba or ginkgo biloba extract contains more that one compound, some of them might be harmful. Dat werd recent nog bevestigd in een grote Franse studie over dementie gepubliceerd in The Lancet Neurology . Bovendien bevat het merendeel van de onderzochte preparaten niet wat de verpakking aangeeft. Voorlopig is gebruik van Ginkgo biloba in de preventie van Alzheimer af te raden.a€?Omwille van mogelijke bijwerkingen of interacties met andere geneesmiddelen wordt alleszins afgeraden om dergelijke preparaten te nemen als u lijdt aan epilepsie of bepaalde geneesmiddelen geneesmiddelen neemt, onder meer tegen epilepsie, bloedverdunners, geneesmiddelen tegen hoge bloeddruk en antidepressiva.
Scientifically controlled double blind tests have shown that ginkgo biloba increases blood circulation to the brain, thereby improving the oxygen content of brain tissue and cells. Exceeding a daily dose of 240 mg of the dried extract may result in restlessness, diarrhea, and mild gastrointestinal disorders. If you are using ginkgo biloba tea to enhance memory, you can use it with other memory-enhancing herbs such as sage, rosemary and gotu kola. Ginkgo biloba tea is an exciting, natural and healthy alternative beverage to your usual cup of tea every morning. We studied the efficacy of therapy with BOb 761 in 72 patients (44 male and 28 female) with chronic cochleovestibular disorders. Initially, patients were seen for an introductory examination, which was followed by a washout phase during the next 2-4 weeks. The results of the two main craniocorpographic parameters of vestibulospinal reflexes (LBS and AD) obtained in the course of therapy are shown in Table 2. Their subjective best evaluated results were scored with a 0, whereas their worst conditions were indicated by 5.
Since that time, it has been used very often for otoneurological, psychiatric, and ophthalmological indications.
The tissue effects of EGb 761 are inactivity of free radicals, antiedematous influences, stabilization of cell membranes, neuroprotective properties, and the improvement of metabolic balance. We confirmed improvement of central nystagmic frequency toward the normal values and a decrease of LBS and AD in craniocorpography. Ma l’estratto dalle foglie di questa pianta e veramente in grado di curare o quanto meno alleviare il ronzio all’orecchio? L’estratto dalle foglie di questa pianta e usata da secoli in Cina ed utilizzata anche nella medicina tradizionale occidentale al fine di migliorare il flusso sanguigno.
La British Tinnitus Association (BTA) ha recentemente diffuso i risultati di una ricerca su 2.000 pazienti sofferenti di acufene, concludendo che il ginkgo biloba non sembra avere effetti particolari sui sintomi, se non un positivo effetto placebo.
Come sempre il mio consiglio e testarlo gradualmente per vederne gli effetti sulla tua salute e sul ronzio alle orecchie. Se ne consiglia l’assunzione di una capsula due volte al giorno lontano dai pasti (in genere mattino e sera). L’unico consiglio che posso darti e di provare, il Ginko in se non ti puo fare male per cui prova per un ciclo di una-due settimane. Recently, it is said that ginkgo biloba is workable for tinnitus so their paper does survey on that.
For example, Ginkgo is known to cause a number of side effects such as stomach upset, headache, and constipation, and might have a reaction if you take it together with ibuprofen or blood-thinning medications. De onderzoekers vergeleken een groep 70-plussers die gedurende vijf jaar twee keer per dag een Ginkgopil namen met een groep bejaarden die een placebo kregen.
Bovendien kan bij de aanbevolen dagelijkse hoeveelheid de veiligheid niet worden gegarandeerd, zo stelt het RIVM. Laboratory and animal studies have shown that flavonoids protect the nerves, heart muscle, blood vessels, and retina from damage.

More oxygen to the brain means more clarity, increased ability to focus, increased attention span and a general feeling of being more awake. Those on anticoagulants should have their doctor adjust their dose or should avoid ginkgo in order to avoid over-thinning their blood and hemorrhaging.
But for those who would love to take this herbal medicine in a cup of tea, ginkgo biloba tea is the best way for you. Also you can prepare Ginkgo tea with ginkgo leaf, green tea and jasmine flowers.Ginkgo biloba tea could also be used with hawthorn and lemon balm herbs to promote proper circulation.
The thing is, if they all knew this secret to curing and preventing these chronically severe headaches, that number would see a drastic reduction. We used pure-tone audiology, measuring pure-tone average, speech reception threshold, and speech discrimination score. The patient group consisted predominantly of individuals who had been treated for many years by numerous therapeutic modalities.
The control examinations were performed in the third and sixth weeks after the start of therapy. As EGb 761 is very effective at various levels of cochleovestibular pathways, pharmaceutical preparations produced from EGb 761 were used in therapy for cochleovestibular disorders [3]. This finding is supported also by various studies performed in the fields of psychiatry and neurology.
Zur Wirkung von Ginkgo-biloba- Extrakt auf die Wasserstoff-Auswaschvorgange an der Cochleabasis unter Hypotensiver Ischamie. Effects de I extrait de Ginkgo biloba sur la preservation morphologique des epitheliums sensoriels vestibulaires chez la souris. Physikalische Therapie des vestibularen Schwindels in Verbindung mit Ginkgo-biloba-Extrakt.
Siccome tra le possibili cause del fischio all’orecchio rientrano anche problemi neurologici dovuto al flusso sanguigno e nervoso, si e ritenuto che possa aiutare anche i sofferenti di acufeni, o per lo meno coloro per cui la causa e dovuta ad un problema di pressione e flussi sanguigni. La stessa BTA, nonostante la sua ricerca abbia concluso che il Ginkgo Biloba sembra avere solo un semplice effetto placebo, ha anche dichiarato come molti pazienti abbiano comunque migliorato il loro stato di salute complessivo, tanto da rafforzare il loro stato psicologico anche nei confronti dei sintomi dell’acufene (rendendolo quindi di fatto piu sopportabile). Si trova anche in tintura madre, in questo caso assumerne 35 gocce 3 volte al giorno, sempre lontano dai pasti. Leggi il libro su come rilassarsi e combattere lo stress, lo trovi iscrivendoti al sito (lascia mail e nome nel modulo sotto l’articolo). So these days, Ginkgo is made as capsule, tablet, liquid extract and tea form for the treatment of tinnitus.
So we consider it is more wise to refer to doctor before use it or just get natural treatment by reading e-book such as tinnitus miracle.
Na vijf jaar werd bij 4% van de Ginkgogroep dementie vastgesteld tegenover 5% in de placebogroep.
Terpenoids (such as ginkgolides) improve blood flow by dilating blood vessels and reducing the stickiness of platelets. Ginkgo should be avoided two days before and one to two weeks after surgery to avoid bleeding complications. To relieve stress and anxiety, especially those that involve mental stress, use oats and nettle with ginkgo biloba tea.
In otology, EGb 761 is used to treat multifactorial disorders; it exerts vasoregulatory effects on blood vessel tonus and, therefore, on vascular permeability.
Patients' subjective reactions to the effects of therapy were in conformity with the aforementioned conclusions as well. We concluded that EOb 761 has a very good effect on both postural and oculovestibular reflexes. Also, hearing was improved, and patients ' comfort was considered to be heightened by the therapy.

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