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1961 - Four schoolboys, all of them from the Zuiderpark neighbourhood near the De La Reyweg in The Hague, Holland, start a small group: The Tornado's. 1962 - In this early beginning the boys perform at schoolparties and The Tornado's play covers from songs made famous by The Ventures and The Shadows for example. 1963 - The band renames itself to guitar combo The Golden Earrings after a song by Peggy Lee. 1965 - In retrospective 1965 proves to be a turning point in the career of the young formation The Golden Earrings. 1966 - This year starts with a huge top-3 hit for the single That day, the first Dutch pop single ever recorded in England.
1968 - The big progress the band makes can be heard on the album Miracle Mirror, on which the wellknown beatsounds are combined with psychedelic and influences from British rockmusic as made by The Kinks. 1969 In 1969, vanaf het nummer "Another 45 miles", wordt de naam van de band verandert in: Golden Earring. In 1969 Golden Earring first visited the States playing both Fillmore's as openers for Delaney, Bonnie and Friends (with Eric Clapton). Barry Hay and George Kooymans encourage young talent meanwhile, like female singer Bojoura which they wrote several songs for, former support act Earth & Fire and later on in the nineties female singer Anouk. 1970 - Release of album "Golden Earring" (Sometimes referred to as "Wall of dolls" due to the cover picture) For Golden Earring the seventies mark a period of growth. Hit single Instant poetry reaches in the Netherlands the third place, but internationally this single doesn't lead to any attention. 1975 - The band refuses to go on in the style of the successful Radar Love and changes musical directions when recording the pretentious album Switch. The album Contraband is being recorded with him, a much more toegankelijker and brighter record with the hit Bombay on it. 1977 - The album "Live" is released on double-lp with recordings from a show for Londons Capitol radio station. 1978 - In the United States they record Grab It For A Second with producer Jimmy Iovine (He later on produces U2, Simple Minds and the Pretenders also). 1980 - Prisoner of the night is recorded on low budget also, but contains several fine rocksongs, like Long Blond Animal and No for an answer. 1982 - Manager Fred Haayen begs the band not to quit without anotherwith een ' big bang!' - another hit song.
1983 - Because of the huge succes of Twilight Zone the band doesn't think about quiting anymore. Later this year live recorded album Something Heavy Going Down (Live from the Twilight Zone) is being released.
1985 - Cesar Zuiderwijk brengt samen with toetsenist Jasper van 't Hof onder de naam Labyrinth een aardig a mainly instrumental solo album, on which female singer Julia Lo’ko does the guest vocals for several songs. 1987 - George Kooymans and Barry Hay in the meantime have set up their own Ring Records label, on which records of Boom Boom Mancini, Piu Piu and K 13 are being released. 1988 - In deze slappe tijd brengen two sampler-CD’s by Arcade Records are released and provide some revenues from the copyrights.
1989 - The titel Keeper Of The Flame maakt duidelijk dat Golden Earring nog niet van plan is op te geven.
1990 - The band leaves the Jaws-label van Fred Haayen (Jaws!) and signs for Columbia, a sub-label by Sony.
1991 - Their first record for a new record company is the much heavier sounding Bloody Buccaneers, which is presented to the press in the Amsterdam Scheepvaartmuseum.
1992 - At last drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk makes a dream become true by conducting an orchestra of 1000 drummers in the Rotterdam harbour.
1993 - The band develops an effective way of playing: during the week Golden Earring does one or two shows in the theatres, while on Friday and Saturday a younger audience is served with electric shows. 1994 - The two musical faces of the band are also to be admired on the album Face It, which is recorded before a small audience of friends and family at George's garage in Rijkevorsel, Belgium. 1995 - When the writing of new songs doesn't lead to the wanted outcome, the Earring decides to release an album with song covers only. 1996 - Due to the low sales of the studio album Face It and cover album Love Sweat the band leaves Sony's Columbia label. 1999 - Early 1999 the band releases the bombastic and heavy produced 29th album Paradise in distress.
2002 - Golden Earring recorded in the USA twice for their soon to be released new studio album. Please be aware of the fact that this page is still under construction and is constantely being updated and extended. After his carreer as the first singer of The Golden Earrings Frans Krassenburg became an employee at Paul Acket's music agency. De Golden Earring is de In 1961 werd de band opgericht door Rinus Gerritsen (toen 15jr) en George Kooymans (toen 13jr). Zanger Frans Krassenburg en drummer Jaap Eggermont hebben dan al het veld moeten ruimen voor achtereenvolgens Barry Hay (1967) en Cesar Zuiderwijk (1970). Om de band meer kracht te geven tijdens live optredens worden achtereenvolgens toetsenist Robert-Jan Stips, saxofonist Bertus Borgers en leadgitarist Eelco Gelling aan de band toegevoegd, die ook op platen hun bijdrage zullen gaan leveren.
Terug in Nederland zullen Barry en George hun tweede solo-elpee opnemen, terwijl Rinus en Cesar in Den Haag een muziekwinkel openen. In totaal band scoorden de Golden Earring alleen in Nederland al bijna 60 hits waaronder "Radar Love (1973)", "Twilightzone (1982)", "When The Lady Smiles (1984)" en "I can't sleep without you (1992)". With the selftitled album Golden Earring brengt het kwartet zelf haar first real rock album. These boys are Rinus Gerritsen (bass), George Kooymans (guitar), Hans van Herwerden (guitar) and Freddy van der Hilst (drums, neighbour from Rinus). When in december the British Tornado's score a huge hit with "Telstar", the Dutch Tornado's realise a new name has to be made up. The first change in the band line up is a fact: Hans van Herwerden is replaced by Peter de Ronde (guitar). Toch is de band ook nog zoekende, zo blijkt dat wanneer na het sfeervolle I've Just Lost Somebody het songfestival-achtige Dong-dong-diki-digi-dong wordt losgelaten op de mensheid. In 1969 George Kooymans (the main composer of the band) was awarded with a Silver Harp for his composing skills.
Unlike many other Dutch groups the band stays in touch with the market and is surrounded by professional advisors, like producer and record label manager Fred Haayen from Polydor. But just when they think of breaking up the release of new single Radar Love changes everything.
The single reaches up to the 13th place of the Billboard Hot 100 and is meanwhile a classic rock song.

For this record an extra band member Robert-Jan Stips (Former member of Supersister) on keyboards is added.
They perform the song I need love which is on the USA version of the Contraband album called Mad love live. Despite that fact Golden Earring sounds heavily inspired on the in Roosendaal, Holland recorded double album Second live.
George Kooymans is thinking again about another solo-lp, but decides to put one of those songs on the shelf for another Golden Earring album. On the contrary: Golden Earring tours several times through the United States, but this time all financial matters are closely monitored to avoid a new financial problem.
This album also has one studio recording and was being recorded at Groenoordhallen, Leiden, Holland fro the MTV Music Network. The album becomes a small success, it is also performed live on stage during a short tour in The Netherlands and recorded for tv-broadcast with the Metropole Orchestra.
The band tours The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with a repertoire consisting of old and new hits.
Going To The Run is a sensitive ode by Barry Hay to a deceased Hells Angel biker friend who drove himself dead against an Amsterdam tram. This immense group of drummers are joined by the members of Golden Earring during a short performance playing Radar Love.
The Naked Truth sales exceed more than 150.000 copies sold, while the vhs video release is sold very well also.
Golden Earring signs up for CNR, where they have been before in the early eighties and had large successes with that company. The band members are all fifty years old now (Rinus 52), but nobody thinks about quitting this band. After initial hesitations the band gives her permission for an exposition in the The Hague townhall. Several releases which were available on -->VHS only (like the Naked truth recordings) are now released on DVD also.Barry announces his all girl rock group and reveals the name "Bad Candy", which starts to tour. So far some milestones in Golden Earrings glorious career have been highlighted but of course a lot more has happened durening the past 40 years! During the 60's the band developes into the most succesfull representative of the the Hague beatscene.
This record contains several bombastic, almost hardrock influenced songs, and the representative Back Home becomes a number-1 hit again.
The albums Seven Tears as well as Together do have several songs with great potential, but are no succesfull albums as a whole.
Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash. The first beat sounds with are imported from England affect The Golden Earrings as well: no more instrumental pieces, start singing! He is als gymnasiast sowieso een buitenbeentje in een gezelschap van weinig leergierige mulo- and lts-klanten, but the band also wants the much more talented Jaap Eggermont to join them. He is only a student and has a small job at the storage facilities of record company Polydor, but is capable of introducing the young group at record company Polydor. The Golden Earrings play the rhythm & blues-classic Sticks And Stones note by note like The Zombies did several months before with their cover, including the excited cries. The band becomes a shining example for the exploding The Hague beatscene, which delivers groups like Q 65, Shocking Blue, The Motions and hundreds of less known groups. First American tour.Golden Earring releases in the early 90's their acoustic live album Naked truth, which is their best selling ever but meanwhile they stay away from events like tributes and back-to-the-60 festivals. During their new USA tour the band meets an enthousiastic audience and the American break through seems to be a fact. The single Ce Soir reaches in no time a top-10 position in The Netherlands but elsewhere the success is less as the fans abroad don't know what to think about it. Robert-Jan Stips leaves the band, om zich toe te leggen op het produceren van andermans platen.
The album Cut becomes gold in Canada and the single Twilight Zone reaches the third place in the charts.
The video clip by Dick Maas is a huge success in The Netherlands but many foreign countries refuse to show the clip, in which a nun is being "molested". Het houdt het vuur inderdaad brandende, mede dankzij de top-10 hit Turn The World Around.The lp is released in Greece also on the xxx label.
The band performs before 300.000 people on the Scheveningen beach with a combined acoustic and electric show which is broadcasted for Veronica television again.
The cd is presented in Het Paard, The Hague, Holland, the very first time the Earring performs in this well known location in their hometown. On the contrary: in the beginning of 1998 Golden Earring's booking agency has no more space for extra gigs in 1998 and 1999 as both acoustic and electric shows are booked on a large scale. Deze groep vormde de formatie " The Golden Earrings" De band debuteerde met het nummer "Please Go". Meanwhile the band is writing some material of their own, which will becomethe lp Just Earrings with covers by The Kinks and The Zombies for example.
Een aanbieding van Shocking Blue slaat hij af, maar The Golden Earrings ziet hij wel zitten. At the end of 1968 The Golden Earrings release, as any popgroups during this period, a pretentious double album called On the double.
The efforts of Golden Earrings members Barry, George, Rinus and Cesar are not only to be found on their own albums.
With this sound they score hit after hit in The Netherlands but also in other countries like America and Germany.
But soon after their return in Holland they find out that all the luxurious hotels, expensive limousines and fine parties have to be paid by themselves. He is being replaced by (slide-)guitarist Eelco Gelling, former member of Cuby and the Blizzards. During the new American tour there are personal problems between Eelco Gelling and the other bandmembers especially George.
This is a song full of suspense, which has a sensational video clip by Dick Maas (known from the Dutch movie De lift) and becomes another number 1 hit for the band. In the countries abroad a severe edited videoclip is broadcasted on the music video channels.
The title song becomes a small hit and is also released on a 12-inch record remixed by Ben Liebrand. These ar fine pieces of work, butHet zijn competente werkstukken, die commercially no succes at all.

Golden Earring speelt deze zomer een geslaagde thuiswedstrijd, when performing at the Haagse Parkpop festival in front of 300.000 visitors.
First meant as in between release to meet the demand from their record company they record an acoustic show for Veronica TV at the Amsterdam Café de Kroon. A select number of fans and listeners to Radio 3FM have the opportunity to attend the live broadcasted show. Golden Earring opens this Jubilee by performing live for about 1000 guests on September 18th and amongst those guests were several fanclub members who received a special invitation. In 1965 their first single Please go was a huge succes and soon afterwards they released their first album Just Earrings on the Polydor label. A lot of "old and famous" bands from the Hague played their greatest hits at the Houtrusthallen The Hague. He replaces drummer Sieb Warner who didn't make it with the band after their first USA tour. Barry Hay and George Kooymans release their first solo albums, but with no commercial succes. Their first album called 'Just Ear-rings' and single 'Please Go' become instant hits in the Netherlands and Belgium giving them the opportunity to record their follow-up hit-single 'That Day', reaching the number 2 position in the Dutch charts.
It reaches up to the 10th place in the national charts, which proves Freddie Haayens vision towards his superiors. The Golden Earrings score several other hits with their fresh beatsongs If you leave me, Daddy buy me a girl and Don’t run too far. The Dutch issue features Suzy Lunacy which was replaced for the American and Canadian markets by a new version of the Big tree blue sea track.
Managers get a huge percentage of the profits and so Golden Earring didn't earn anything at all in the end. The band focusses on shorter compositions and also shortens the duration of their long length songs during concerts, despite the band can't find connection with the by punk, new wave and disco dominated spirit of time.
The Tommy James cover Draggin' the line by Barry Hay even doesn't make it int to tipparade, let alone the hitparade. Golden Earring plays the Parkpop festival (The Hague, Holland), with 400.000 visitors attending and breaking another record! Several fans from abroad (Amongst them Dan Lynch & John Scarpelli from the USA) witness a great show and to Dan's surprise Will & Mercy is played live especially for him! Succes is still there and is well illustrated by the fact the bandmembers get a platinum cd for their album Naked II and golden cd’s for Bloody Buccaneers and The complete naked truth. The first single release also named 'Paradise in Distress' became Golden Earring's 46th hit single in the Dutch charts.
From September 19th on the exposition is about the 40th anniversary of the band and could be seen for three weeks.
Frans was replaced by Barry Hay and with the shortened name Golden Earrings they continued their success. Via hits als "That day" en "Dong Dong Di Ki Di Gi Dong" weten de tienersterren in Nederland een superstatus voor zich te verwerven.
Sieb is a different person than the other guys and doesn't fit in the band profile George has in mind.
The track Colourblind which is also on the album is an ode to Dutch Rock and roller Herman Brood who committed suicide in 2002. The release of Lonely every day is withdrawn at the last moment as the band is suddenly becomes aware of the fact the b-side, Not to find, has a large grammatical error in it's title. Short before the release of Winter Harvest, their second lp, guitarist Peter de Ronde leaves the band. For example Just a little bit of peace in my heart - the McArthur Park by George Kooymans - which becomes a big hit again. In the USA the nude cover has been sold for a short period only and was soon replace by a sleeve version where the nude dancer has a bikini.
They pay off their debts in the next coming years and even the Dutch tax comes by to collect their share.
George will do the lead vocals with Barry more and more and so the Earring becomes an unique two-headed vocal frontline.
The band is rewarded for it's achievements in the Dutch music industry with their own Golden Earring street in a neighbourhood in the city of Almere, Holland.
It's called the Naked Truth and released at the moment the unplugged rage is on it's top and the album becomes Golden Earrings greatest commercial succes ever since Moontan (1973). By request of the Dutch Olympic Comité the Earring records together with the Metropole Orchestra the Olympic tune for the upcoming Olympic games. He became later a managing director of Polydor and later on made his carreer in the music industrie at Polydor USA. The band does a theatre tour for Mojo Theatre concert promotors and reaches older fans again which didn't feel good anymore during the heavily amplified electric performances.
Hay claimes living in the capital of Holland is far more interesting as there is a lot more to do there.
Met name de VS maakt indruk op de band, dit leidt tot de nummers "Just a little bit of peace in my heart" en een cover van de Byrds "Eight miles high". Meanwhile Dutch singer Anouk (discovered by Barry Hay) is performing well on the national stages. Some titles on this album seem to be "The fighter", "Paradise in distress" and "Whispers in a crowd".
At the end of the year Barry Hay is looking for girls with an age between 17 and 21 year for an 'all chick rock'n'roll band'. George Kooymans schrijft voor de Haagse zangeres Bojoura de single Everybody's Day, wat haar een vliegende start van haar loopbaan oplevert.
The last two songs are played acoustic live since October 1998 and also electric since November 1998.
Meanwhile Golden Earring does some acoustic theatre shows and is preparing to do a lot of open air shows and some festivals in the upcoming months!
George Kooymans and Barry Hay deliver several compositions for her debute cd which will make it an international success.
September 1997 NCRV tv broadcasts the live-performance from the concert the band gave in April at the Luxor theatre, Rotterdam, Holland.

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