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Simple and neat swarovski 10mm by 20mm Purple drop earrings hanging on sterling silver earring hooks that are easy to put on, feel really light on the ears.

Easy to wear stretchy bracelet, this is made with small glass pearls and blue crystal rondelles there is a pretty blue flower that lays on side part of bracelet, a small silver tone hand is hanging from pearl side. Pearl Necklace made with 10mm Swarovski white Pearls, has a stunning Heart shape set with tiny sparkling zirconia stones, and has a large hanging round 12mm swarovski pearl, the clasp is silver plated with easy to close flap over from one side to the other, and has tiny encrusted stones around each side.This is a one only piece, each pearl is hand knotted for longer lasting wear, and the pearls have a very luster shine.

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