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Turning the master volume to zero removes the sound but it's there if i have master volume turned on but application volume at zero. I've got this with both my built in Realtek ALC898 card and my brand new SoundBlaster Recon3D. My short term sollution so far has been to turn down my master volume so i can't actually hear the buzzing (< 10%) and crank up the volume of any and all programs i'm running.
I plugged the card in to one of those smaller PCI slots, whatever they are called (see image).

I've tried fiddling around with the driver settings, everything from surround channels and the EQ to more advanced settings and i've heard all kinds of noices but nothing makes it go away.
YOU may think it’s to avoid your phone signal interfering with the electronics of the plane but it’s for a very different reason.
GETTYDo you know why you have to switch to aeroplane mode?Before taking off on a flight, you are advised to turn your plane on to aeroplane mode.You may have heard horror stories that failure to do this will result in your phone signal interfering with the plane and causing it to crash.
It does mean though that i can't play loud music for example since the maximum will be pretty low.

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