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An app on the iPhone can be used to set preferred volume levels as well as treble and bass tone settings for each user, given that no two human ears (and brains) ever quite respond to audio stimulus in exactly the same way. Electronics Weekly is the market leading and longest-established electronics magazine, read in print and online by key decision makers throughout the industry for more than 50 years. Use Coupon Code D3B2F57 when you purchase your new hearing aids to receive a FREE box of 40 hearing aid batteries! The Latitude 16 by Unitron continues its attention to producing the best hearing aid technology at a great price level to the hearing impaired.
The Latitude 16 offers a selection of options that will fit your unique hearing loss, preferences and lifestyle. Two big features, noise reduction and feedback reduction, are improved in the Latitude series over the Next series just as the Next series was an improvement over the Element series. Multiple memory settings can be programmed into the aid to give the user the ability to cope with changing sound and noise environments with the push of a button. Volume control is generally considered to be a manual adjustment that the user can control. This feature helps make hearing aids acoustically comfortable by dampening sudden loud noises, such as a dropped dish. Wind noise is an important feature for those that spend time in the outdoors by reducing the roar of wind across the microphone. Acoustic Feedback, is also known as squealing, buzzing, 'your aids are talking to you', etc.

Communication from one hearing aid to the other is a very low strength signal designed to keep both hearing aids operating in the same mode at the same volume. Being able to couple your hearing aids with a BlueTooth-enabled device, such as a cell phone, allows phone conversations to be heard through your hearing aids. DAI is only on Large and Full Size hearing aids due to the need for terminals on the outside of the case. Conventional Hearing Aid Batteries cost less than a dollar per battery and are very easy to change.
Precise Hearing's trained specialists are happy to assist you in choosing the right hearing aid solution for your unique loss. If you have a copy of your hearing test, please upload it here so that our specialists can better assist you.
Use Coupon Code 11B020A when you purchase your new hearing aids to receive a FREE box of 40 hearing aid batteries! Next 16 is the premier product line of the new Next™ series of hearing aids by Unitron Hearing.
For more technical and lifestyle information about hearing aids check out our General Information page. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Electronics Weekly is at the heart of the electronics industry and is reaching an audience of more than 120,000 people each month.

Experience unparalleled performance with technologies typically only found in premium hearing instruments. Latitude 16 is the most advanced hearing instrument in its class and provides effective hearing solutions in any situation with its easy-to-wear styles and breakthrough technologies. The Latitude Series is available in a variety of discreet styles and colors to fit your lifestyle.
Digital is newer and considered to be much more flexible, capable of doing more operations, and the only technology used in modern hearing aids. Hearing aids are built so that this group of frequencies (250 to 6000 Hz) is divided into smaller groups, called bands or channels. All hearing aids have automatic gain control designed to make soft sounds audible and loud sounds tolerable. Using DAI allows other devices to connect directly to the hearing aids and input their audio signal. Developed to answer the need for an easy-to-use, full-featured hearing aid, Unitron Next 16 has features that deliver!

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