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We continued our tradition of recognizing our associates' achievements at the annual AHAA awards ceremony. Audiologists and business owners were recognized, from among all Associates nationwide, for their dedication and success during a recent awards presentation at the annual American Hearing Aid Associates Convention.
Tina mentioned two meetings in her Keynote presentation where you can preview new products and services before they are ready to be released. Your Care?Our hearing care professionals have a doctorate in audiology and provide a precise assessment of your hearing and tailored care that goes beyond the hearing aid.
You know the feeling, your heart starts to race, your palms get balmy, and you got into a panic; you lost your hearing aid. Get out the trusted metal detector you use as a hobby on the beach to search an area to pick up the metal from the parts in the hearing aid. We hope you never have to feel the stress of losing a hearing aid, but if you do, know that Whisper Hearing can help. A hearing aid or deaf aid is an electroacoustic device which is designed to amplify sound for the wearer, usually with the aim of making speech more intelligible, and .Talk to the Hearing Aid Experts in Palm Desert!
Time and time again, we’ve ruminated over the exciting technological developments in the audiology field. West was fascinated with both sound and electronics from his youth, but went on to receive a degree in physics. West remained at Bell Labs for 40 years, receiving accolades such as the Bell Laboratories Fellow award, the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, and New Jersey’s Inventor of the Year award. Budding developments in the audiology field are always exciting to share with our patients and followers.
Individuals with hearing loss often experience the frustration of being unable to hear clearly on the phone. CaptionCall is a high-quality telephone featuring a large touch screen that allows users to see what their callers are saying. Hearing aid wearers find the CaptionCall phone very beneficial as it adds another layer of security and clarity to their conversations. At this time of year, finding the perfect items for everyone on your list can be tough – and finding special hearing aid-related gifts can be even harder!
Aid Dehumidifier - These moisture-fighters can add a great deal of convenience to a hearing aid user’s life. Hearing Aid Charms - While there are lots of fun accessories out there to liven up your hearing aids, Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms are something special. Although many of these types of developments are still in concept phase, the creativity behind them is what makes them so exciting.
It’s that frightening time of year again, and the perfect time to remind us all to be wary of the many hearing aid scams out there. In the spirit of football season, let’s take a look at a hearing-impaired NFL player who is an inspiration on the field and off. High school student invents a cheaper hearing aid - Story A summer with his grandfather was all it took for him to be inspired.When Mukund Venkatakrishnan was 14, he visited India and was tasked with helping his grandfather get tested and fitted for a hearing aid. If you are unsure you can call your hearing aid provider and they will be able to tell you. Newer hearing aids from popular manufacturers ReSound and Starkey, come with a tracking featured.
You have to be sure that the metal detector is of decent quality to pick up on the small amounts of metal used in the hearing aid or battery. Follow these tips to find your hearing aid to increase your odds of finding it or quickly replacing it.
The 20 recipients were nominated by family members, friends and neighbors because of the tremendous contributions they have made to their communities. It is certainly true that features like digital customization or seamless connectivity to smartphones have rebranded modern hearing aids as life-changing devices. He spent his summers interning at Bell Labs in New Jersey, the company that later hired him as an acoustical scientist conducting audiological research.
Up until this point, hearing aids were still quite large and hardly portable, contributing to individuals’ reluctance to wear them.

But his achievements stretched beyond science, too: from the very start of his career, West has encouraged increased diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Concept ideas alone often show great potential for the future, wherein technology will continue to play an instrumental role in helping individuals hear. Even those who use hearing aids can have trouble making out exactly what is being said on the other line, which ultimately interrupts the flow of conversation and communication, as the user must ask the caller to repeat themselves several times.
Hearing aids and CaptionCall work particularly well together in this regard, especially since the phone is so efficient and easy to use. Fortunately, there are many useful and creative options out there that can help make this holiday season extra special for your loved ones. They transmit sound directly through one’s hearing aids (making them wireless headphones!) with improved sound and clarity.
There are tons of dehumidifiers out there to choose from, but if you’re looking for a cost-efficient, portable, and even rechargeable option, the Stay Dri is right up your ally.
Developer Hayleigh might be young, but her handmade gifts have spread across the world, all thanks to her desire to make hearing aids shine.
Five years ago—which is truly a long time in this context, given the torrent of advancements since then—the Babelfisk Visual Hearing Aid was conceptualized. Ear piercings are taken to the next level with this idea, which incorporates the “gauge” piercing style – a stretched hole in the ear lobe – with the aid.
Derrick Coleman, a fullback for the Seattle Seahawks, is the first deaf offense player in the league. We would like to introduce you this AXON V-168 Sound Enhancement BTE Hearing Aid.This BTE hearing aid is suitable for hearing loss people or patients.
Knowing what to do when you’ve lost a hearing aid will help you stay calm and find a solution. A comprehensive warranty will normally cover loss, damage, and repairs, though there may be a deductible cost associated with replacements. Try to remember when you last had it during this timeline and revisit that spot to look for it. They can be paired with an app on your smartphone so when you’ve misplaced the hearing aid, simply login and see where you left it!
Use this method in tandem with tracking your steps from your day to the best chance of finding it. If after all of these steps, you still cannot find your hearing aid, you can contact us to help replace it.
Just a few months ago, a company called EarLens received FDA approval to introduce a new hearing aid bearing their name. Many people give up the use of the telephone altogether, fearing that they won’t be  able to understand the caller and all the while missing out on important conversations with their loved ones. If you are an individual who has trouble hearing over the phone, CaptionCall might be just what you need. Users can also personally adjust the sound levels to their liking without affecting the overall television volume. She was inspired to start her business after noticing several hearing-aid users trying to cover up and hide their devices. Designer Mads Hindhede aimed to integrate visual and auditory capabilities in a single pair of glasses for users with a visual impairment and difficulty hearing.
The device is aimed toward individuals with a mild hearing loss and an interest in the gauged appearance. His story became quite popular with the 2014 release of the inspiring Duracell commercial outlining some of his hardships.
Since audiologists are specialists, even finding and getting an appointment with one in India was really hard, said Venkatakrishnan, who is now 16. Getting this warranty and also extending it on a hearing aid is worth it, just in case of an accident. You can also call businesses or hotels to ask if anyone else found it and gave it to the customer service desk. We have locations all throughout San Francisco Bay area and Greater Sacramento so you can come in and quickly have a solution to your lost hearing aid.

A caller gives you a ring, and as said caller speaks, a CaptionCall Communications Assistant converts the words into text for you to see.
Determined to do away with the negative stigma and help others feel proud of their aids, she and her siblings began creating decorative add-on charms.
The glasses contain an internal listening device that can dictate conversations via text displayed on the inner sides of the lens. A thin wire loops up from the piercing and into the ear, retaining the near-invisible quality of many hearing aids on the market. Even the most anti-Seahawks Patriots’ fans among us can admire Derrick Coleman’s achievements. Its user oriented design makes this hearing aid amplifier fits the ear perfectly and you can also hide it easily when you wear it back on your ear. This microphone was the first of its kind given its small size, minimal cost and smooth response. And your callers don’t need to own one, either – they can call from any phone and Caption Call will simply transfer their words onto your screen. Users can effectively “lip-read” just by using their spectacles (though one does have to wonder if the screened text is distracting). The developers are particularly enthusiastic about the TriMic system, which appears to feature three horizontally-positioned microphones for optimal hearing.
The phone also has a feature that allows users to save conversations to read again at any time.
Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much on the concept’s status since 2010, but it does mirror the synergy behind many modern hearing aids with multiple capabilities – aids that sync with your smartphone, TV and more. The (h)earing aid PLUG, to be inserted into the gauge itself, would also be made available as an add-on purchase for individuals with a more severe hearing loss. When you wear it, you will be amazed at its high-defined sound with almost no noise or other disturbance.
Plus, this small sized Cheap Hearing Aid has a volume control that you can adjust the sound volume according to your own needs and preference.This BTE hearing aid is really a good choice for you to qualify your listening! The volume settings can be personalized call-to-call, or you can choose a general setting to keep.
Check out her Etsy page for tons of great charms that can glam up your hearing aids this season. Venkatakrishnan is planning to bring it down to about one inch and encase the operating system.
He envisions the device, which has a standard headphone port, fitting into someone's pocket.Venkatakrishnan even created a way for users to calibrate the device themselves. To calibrate it, a person just has to rub their own hands together and match the volume of the audio file with the volume of their own hands.If the user can't hear their own hands, someone else can calibrate it for them. Venkatakrishnan, now 16, spent two years teaching himself to code, building the audio program and developing the device. While Venkatakrishnan is eager to make a difference, he isn't trying to make money off his invention. He's adamant that the audio software remain open source so other developers can modify and tweak it.
And he's hoping an organization that already has connections in developing countries will want to mass produce and distribute the device.
When he isn't teaching himself to code and trying to combat hearing loss, Venkatakrishnan said he likes listening to music and running long distances. Venkatakrishnan, who was born in India and moved to Louisville, Kentucky, when he was three, said he's beginning to consider colleges. He's a junior and is looking at Stanford, Georgia Tech, Berkeley and MIT -- his "stand out choice."He thinks he may want to do something with coding or engineering but he's also interested in business.

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