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I concluded that the easiest solution for most people is to substitute an inexpensive #675 hearing-aid battery (with a spacer ring if needed to fit your battery compartment). While Wein cells are indeed effective for this, photographers have often speculated whether there is anything special about them.
The Wein replacement for a PX13 or PX625 battery does have some physical differences from a 675. The Wein battery has the same dimensions as the 675 hearing-aid size, but adds a metal ring crimped around it. I have no insider knowledge of how Wein produces these batteries; and my only test equipment consists of a simple Radio Shack multi-meter.
Yet I made some curious discoveries about the voltage of zinc-air batteries (of both types), which photographers using these cells ought to know about. While researching my earlier post, I became curious exactly how much current a typical camera meter circuit was drawing. It was more convenient and accurate to use a simple resistor rather than a camera as my dummy load when comparing batteries. But in fairness, we should note that even this solution can give different voltages depending on the specific diode chosen, and the current draw of the meter circuit. Given all these uncertainties, I continue to feel hearing-aid batteries are the most sensible real-world mercury replacement for many photographers. Hi Mike, an extra few tenths of a volt pose no danger of frying the meter—it’s just an accuracy issue. The short answer is that a zinc-air hearing aid battery (or a Wein cell if you care to pay the extra price) will be fine, *if* you turn on the meter and uncap the lens a few minutes before you start taking meter readings. Please note that any purchases for such items from countries other than these will be cancelled.

We also offer a huge selection of SLA and Dry Cell batteries and chargers for a variety of your heavy duty battery needs. With guaranteed longer service and an 8-12 year design life, Odyssey dry cell batteries boast double to triple the cranking power of similarly sized conventional batteries, immediate usage, vibration resistance, and so much more.
Power-Sonic SLA batteries undergo comprehensive rigorous testing at every manufacturing stage-capacity, high-load, shelf-life, vibration, overcharge, relief, valve, and cycle life. A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows consumers to deduct pre-tax dollars from their paychecks and deposit those funds in employer-sponsored accounts to pay for medical expenses.
This can be important in making electrical contact with some battery compartments, for example the metered Yashica Mat models. By making temporary connections to the battery compartment of my Olympus OM-1, I found that with its meter needle centered, it drew roughly 0.2 milliamps from its PX-13 mercury cell.
The voltage of a mercury or silver-oxide battery scarcely changed when put under this load—a drop of maybe 0.005 volts. Far more significant for accurate exposures is that you turn on the meter several minutes before taking a reading. By introducing this small voltage drop, a very close approximation to the mercury battery voltage can be obtained.
When you go out shooting, switch on the camera, uncover the lens cap, and leave it that way. Due to package variations from suppliers, the product packaging customers receive may be different from the images displayed. Na verdade funcionam melhor e por mais tempo do que as pilhas 'de marca' que eu comprava aqui no Brasil.
Before he bought in the clinic where he does the treatment and is for three times the price.

Our low overhead enables us to provide you with the finest in reliable, quality batteries at great prices. Power-Sonic Super-Sport batteries are the perfect replacement power for your motorcycles, scooters, ATV, mowers, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, and more. Renata, a company of the Swatch Group, is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of hearing aid batteries. With the exceptions of capacities for size 10 and 675, the technical specs for both lines are very similar but provided separately for your convenience in the charts below. With either zinc-air battery type, the voltage will be too high immediately after turning on the camera—possibly leading to underexposure.
Frans de Gruijter discusses both these factors at some length in his definitive battery-adapter article downloadable here.
When you use bulk rates, a flat $1.70 registered air mail fee will automatically be added to your cart to ensure delivery of package. Thanks to an optimally high and constant voltage, as well as Renata's latest improvement to its chemistry, Renata Maratone zinc air batteries provide you with superior battery life, whether you are using them for analog, digital, or ultra high hearing devices. Once you become aware of this effect, you will definitely notice your needle drifting for the first few minutes, even when metering a scene with unchanging light. While BulkRate's intention is to offer cheaper prices when you buy in bulk, because it is priced separately it on occassions show a higher than retail price.

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