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Etymotic GSP-15 Electronic Ear Plugs are a powerful new in-ear device that provides hearing protection from both hazardous gunshot blast noises and from loud continuous noises. One of the most powerful features the GSP-15 provides is a cutting-edge Dual-Mode Switch that allows you to literally flip a switch to toggle between two different modes of electronic hearing protection.
In Natural Hearing + Blast Protection (LO) Mode, when the sound levels around you are at a safe 60 dB or less, GSP-15 lets you hear normally as you would with the open ear.
In Hearing Enhancement + Blast Protection (HI) Mode, sounds below 60 dB such as voices and game sounds are amplified by 15dB, so you can hear sounds around you much better than you can with the open ear. NOTE: While the exposure limits appear to be quite high, at 105 and 115 dB, in LO and HI modes, respectively, it is anticipated that such exposures will be the result of impact noises such as gunfire that are of very short duration. Etymotic GSP-15 Electronic Ear Plugs are designed especially for hunters, professional shooters, gun sport enthusiasts, and guides and instructors.
GSP-15 Electronic Ear Plugs come with a good assortment of ACCU·Fit ear tips so you can get an effective seal and comfortable fit.

If you are interested in hearing protection for working in warehouses, shops, construction sites, and other industrial settings, check out the HD-15, which is optimized for workers. Bailey’s is committed to keeping our site compliant with the American with Disabilities Act.
These electronic ear plugs also deliver impressive amplification of safe, ambient noises such as game sounds and voices. The result is an electronic shooter's ear plug that provides a perfect balance of blast hearing protection, protection from loud constant background noise, natural sound hearing, and hearing enhancement -- and with the Dual-Mode Switch, you can customize your hearing protection on the fly to suit your current situation. Accordingly, GSP-15 does provide adequate protection for outdoor shooting practice and hunting with all but the highest caliber weapons.
Whether you're a hard-core hunter, a competitive shooter, or just someone who enjoys spending weekends at the shooting range, the GSP-15 is an ideal choice for blast hearing protection, loud continuous noise reduction, improved situational awareness, and hearing amplification and enhancement. Etymotic GSP-15 Electronic Ear Plugs provide many of the same benefits for hunters and shooters that you would get from a high-end electronic shooter's ear muff, packed into a low-profile, in-ear earplug design.

For intense practice with larger caliber weapons and for all indoor shooting, muffs should be worn over your GSP-15 ear plugs providing dual protection for optimum safety. The colorful earplugs at the big box lumber store cost twice as much but lack the convenience of being packed in individual boxes like these. The GSP-15 is ideal for anyone who needs situational awareness as well as protection from sudden loud impulse noises and constant loud background noise.

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