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The Hearing Healthcare Practice has been based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, for over 30 years.
Although we offer all the latest digital hearing aids and hearing technology, it is our award winning service and aftercare that truly sets us apart from other companies; delivering life changing results for our clients. We are a fully recognised partner of every leading hearing device manufacturer and qualified to advise and dispense products from Phonak, Widex, Oticon, GnResound, Siemens, bernafon, Starkey, Unitron and many others.
A decision to allow private companies to provide NHS hearing aid services in Brighton and Hove is under investigation. The unions GMB, Unison and Unite have issued a collective grievance against Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust bosses this week for not applying for the contract late last year.
High street chain Specsavers has been carrying out tests and fitting hearing aids at two locations in the city since February.

Services are also being provided by Bloom Hearing Specialists Ltd and InHealth Ltd in other areas of Brighton and Hove. Last year, NHS Sussex took the decision to tender out hearing aid services for the over 55s and invite interested organisations to bid for the contract. But unions say there was not enough consultation with public and staff over the decision and how the changes might affect them.
The GMB said union members would what decide what steps to take next if they are unhappy with the result, but nothing was being ruled out at this stage. GMB organiser Gary Palmer said: “Staff also have to work under the stress from wondering if their jobs are at risk when the trust finally evaluates the required staffing levels for what remains of the audiology service provision at the trust.
In that time we’ve helped thousands of people from all over the UK to hear better and to lead fuller lives.

If you, or someone you care about, are worried about hearing loss or just need helpful advice, contact us today. However it still provides services for children, people with complex hearing problems and care for patients with special needs. Other identical phones in different colors include Shell, Conoco, Gulf, Union 76, and Sunoco.

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