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The audiology red dot design award dates back to 1955 and is now one of the world's largest and most distinguished design competitions. SoundLens is a completely new concept in auditory help and compensates for your individual hearing loss. When speech and conversation sounds are detected the sound is automatically increased at different frequencies so you hear and understand it clearly. You get all the benefits you want in a digital hearing aid without the visual stigma that some feels comes with one. SoundLens is a hearing aid that has seen incredible demand since it was introduced by Starkey. For nearly 50 years, Hidden Hearing and our team of fully qualified professionals at 84 state-of-the-art hearing centres nationwide has helped thousands of people to rediscover clearer hearing. Browse our range of discreet hearing aids, including in the ear and behind the ear hearing aids, invisible hearing aids and spectacle hearing aids. We have had the pleasure of providing the best audiological care to individuals in the Seacoast Area for over 30 years. With thousands of satisfied hearing aid users, we pride ourselves in our commitment to the hearing needs of our patients. When you come in for your hearing test, our first step is to discuss any hearing concerns you may have.
If we do determine that you have a hearing loss, we will talk with you about our findings and ask you more questions about your lifestyle and interests. ABR: Electrophysiological testing of the auditory system used to assess hearing thresholds and measure overall hearing acuity. OAE: Records a "cochlear echo" in response to test signal providing information on the integrity of hair cell function. VRA: Evaluates the ability your child has to localize to pure tones, sound effects and monitored voice in a sound field. Your child puts an object in a receptacle, such as a peg in a pegboard, as a response to hearing a tone.
We offer a wide range of hearing aid accessories and batteries that can be shipped directly to your home. Computerized analysis of hearing aids provides objective measures of hearing aid performance.

Fit your hearing aids to each ear to ensure that you can hear clearly and wear them comfortably. Provide any adjustments in programming that you may need in the coming days, months and years as you get used to wearing them.
Hearing Aids are sophisticated and delicate instruments that need good care and regular maintenance to work properly. Provide an affordable, on-going maintenance program so that we can clean any accumulated moisture and earwax from your hearing aids and check them to make sure they are providing you with the best possible hearing clarity and comfort.
Making sure your hearing aids are properly cleaned and routinely checked will not only help you hear better but also extend the life of your hearing aids. We also provide Custom Hearing Protection, Swim Molds, Custom Musician Earpieces and Assistive Listening Devices. After you make an investment in your hearing aids, you'll want to keep them in good working order to make sure you're always hearing as clearly as possible. Like many electronic devices, hearing instruments are sensitive to moisture and their circuitry may, on occasion, be in need of a little more maintenance than a routine cleaning. Click here to visit our Hearing Aid Care section to learn more about keeping your hearing aids working their best! More than 14,000 participants from over 70 nations document the relevance of the internationally sought-after red dot. It offers three core elements that allows it to resonate with patients - it's custom, digital and invisible.
Prices start from £299 and include free aftercare, so that you can continue to get the best out of your hearing aid, without incurring further costs.
During this time, we have made an ongoing commitment to our current and future patients to provide the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art hearing and balance services. We are one of only three sites in New Hampshire qualified to test babies who fail their newborn screening in the hospital. If your hearing loss goes untreated for too long your brain may permanently lose its ability to interpret sounds and hear normally.
Then we look in your ears and perform a series of easy and painless tests to see what type of hearing loss you have, if any. It's one of the most important things audiologists can do for their patients to ensure that we identify the hearing solution that is right for you.

Undetected and untreated, hearing loss can lead to delayed speech and language development, social and emotional problems and academic failure.
Together as a team, we determine the proper hearing aids to accommodate your hearing loss and make adjustments to create the proper settings just for you. The SoundLens invisible hearing aid fits snugly in the second bend of your ear canal and uses the ear's acoustics for natural sound quality. There are no controls to worry about so there's no need to keep fiddling about and adjusting the sound settings.
SoundLens continuously analyses incoming sounds and adapts to each individual situation so you always get the best hearing possible. If SoundLens is considered a suitable option, we would be happy to speak with you about this further during a consultation. Our offered range of hearing aids is quite extensive and if you have a particular preference, our hearing aid dispenser will try to accomodate this where possible.
Here at Professional Audiology Center, we can evaluate children of all ages and provide follow-up and rehabilitative services as well as academic recommendations. When your child localizes the sound, a mechanical toy is presented to reinforce the response and condition your child to turn to the sound.
When testing speech audiometry at this age, your child may be asked to point to a picture of an object. You can start enjoying life again as you concentrate on hearing, rather than thinking about your hearing aid. Asking questions helps us to identify the best possible hearing solution for your unique needs! The practice is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and staffed by licensed and experienced audiologists.
If we do need to send your hearing aids to their manufacturer for repair, we may be able to provide you with a set on loan to help keep you connected with your friends and family until your hearing devices are expertly repaired. Audiologic evaluations are individually tailored to the age, ability and disposition of each child.

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