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As a local business, we believe in providing exceptional, friendly service to all our customers.
Mr David Parkinson HAD FSHAA, is pleased to announce the opening of Lisburn's First Independent Hearing Aid Centre. With that in mind, we recently made the decision to provide more information online about ourselves and hopefully you will enjoy taking a look at our website. Whether you need advice on hearing aids, repairs or hearing aids replacments, or this might be the first time you have made enquiries about your hearing loss. As an independent supplier we can offer most leading makes and tailor them to your personal requirements giving you support and after care to enable you to have the very best hearing for your life.Please feel free to browse the site and then why not call in to see us.
If you would like to book a hearing test or speak to us about any of our services we'll happily call you back!

Ear wax is not just an inconvenience to people, something that blocks up the ear, it is actually an important part of your ear as it is a protective film against dirt and bacteria and therefore helps to prevent infection. Ear Wax RemovalWe will carry out a thorough investigation to see if you require ear wax to be removed. For decades, we have improved the lives of people who are hearing and visually impaired through screenings, recreational camps, social opportunities, eyeglass recycling and other programs. The club donated 200 hearing aids, 480 batteries and eyeglasses for a mission heading to Africa. Parkinson has been qualified to dispense hearing aids and has helped thousands of people cope with their hearing loss since 1994. Ear wax is a natural secretion in the ear, formed from skin cells and oily secretions from glands in the ear canal, and as well as preventing infection it keeps the ear canal lubricated and stops it drying out.

Globally, many clubs also recycle hearing aids and participate in the Lions Affordable Hearing Aid Program for those with limited financial resources.
The organizers noted that these donations from  Lions make a huge difference in the lives of the people of Burkina Faso.

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