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We specialize in assistive listening products and provide some of the best amplified telephones in the market from these Industry leading manufacturers: Clarity, Clearsounds, Geemarc, Panasonic and Uniden. Hear the television again with a wireless TV and radio headset system allowing you to enjoy your TV or Audio System, all at your own settings a€“ so as not to disturb others. The Geemarc BDP400 phone was developed together with the RNIB the Royal Institute for the Blind in England.

The BDP400 announces the numbers and menu options when you press them; you are therefore sure which button you've pressed. The BDP400 was designed specifically for users with visual impairment and hearing loss, with volume control adjustable up to 40dB with an extra-loud hands free speakerphone.
It was designed according to the requirements and guidelines given by the RNIB, it was tested at every stage of the development by focus groups of blind users whose feedback helped in the development process.

Boomers are not only looking to maintain the quality of life theya€™ve come to know, many also have the responsibility of caring for their senior parent and children simultaneously.

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