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As hearing becomes more difficult, any sort of distortion tends to create problems with understanding speech. When you find yourself turning up the volume on your TV, computer or music player to the maximum setting, there’s a problem. If you have had a recent ear infection or ear damage, you may be more likely to suffer hearing problems. Your hearing aid may be your most valuable communication tool, but some listening situations are more difficult than others and your hearing aid is sometimes not enough to hear optimally. Angela PelosiGlobal Head of Pediatrics at PhonakAngela is the Global Head of Pediatrics at Phonak HQ in Switzerland. Hearing changes over time at different rates for different people, and the changes are usually so subtle it can be difficult to know when to get help. If family and friends are complaining that you like settings that are too loud, you need to get a hearing check-up. When background noise is a factor and interferes with your communicative ability, or a speaker is more than a few feet away, listening is more difficult. Many hearing aids are bluetooth compatible and manufacturers have developed bluetooth products that are compatible with specific hearing aids. She has worked in the field of audiology for 18 years, and is passionate and committed to ensuring every child and their family, have the best possible solutions, services and support available to help them live life to the fullest.
Hearing problems often come with a slow increase of volume controls until the levels become intolerable for other people.

If some of these signs apply to you and your ears recently experienced trauma of some kind, you may want to get the problem checked out. So even though your hearing may prove sharp in the morning, pay more attention to how well you hear in the evening.
Assistive listening devices can reduce interfering noise and shorten the distance from the sound source to the ear. This is especially true when there is background noise, when there is distance between the speaker and child, and also when the child is in rooms or situations with hard surfaces or echoes. Talking with friends at mall, or church, or park gets more difficult, and you keep missing words or certain sounds. You may also notice that conversations through Skype are more difficult than conversations face to face, even with similar volumes.
This high frequency of interrupted conversations shows that hearing loss is starting to affect your daily life, and needs to be addressed before it grows worse.
Pay attention to complaints from friends and family: They are a sign that something is wrong.
Sometimes hearing loss can occur even after ears have begun recovering from other problems. These assistive listening devices may be helpful with your television, radio, stereo, telephone, face-to-face communication, public address systems (theaters and meetings). This is probably because your hearing is starting to fade, and you are having more trouble picking out individual sounds.

Listening to dialogue on the TV can become more difficult than listening to a real life conversation. Devices with special alarms (flashing light, louder volume, or vibration) to alert you to the doorbell, smoke detector, phone, alarm clock, or a baby crying are also available. Young children are especially notorious for removing their hearing devices, but it’s important that you keep putting them back on, and encourage them to wear them as much as possible during the waking day. This will ensure they have optimal access to your voice and other stimulating sounds.Provide a Calm EnvironmentIf your child is having a difficult time focusing on a conversation, try to reduce the level of background noise when talking with them. These solutions can also be useful at home, in the car, at the park, when playing sports, at restaurants or when shopping.Roger, FM and other wireless devices can also connect to multimedia devices like TV, MP3 players and mobile phones, allowing the child to hear those devices clearlyBe Patient and Repeat if Necessary Hearing loss makes it so certain sounds are more understandable than others. This may mean facilitating communication techniques, such as setting up a signal for your child to let the teacher know when they are struggling to hear. As they grow older and gain independence, they should be able to identify when their devices are not working and to do basic troubleshooting.Continue Advocacy and Awareness Stay in frequent contact with the teacher or professional who specializes in working with the students with hearing loss in your school or school district.

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