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Ottawa police announced Wednesday the creation of a text-to-911 service, facilitating 911 contact via cellphone for the deaf and hearing impaired.
Prior to the texting service, conversations would be typed out and sent to emergency responders through landline phones. Now, when the hearing impaired call 911, responders will begin a texting session with them while being able to hear any noise at the scene. The police say that they have been developing this technology over the past year year to make emergency responses more accessible to the hearing impaired.
To start using the service, citizens must register their number with their service provider online. Large-print books, puzzles, board games and colouring books are a therapeutic source of engagement and stimulation, particularly for our patients who have dementia. Maintaining and promoting mobility is an important focus of care for older hospitalized patients. Patients who do not normally use a wheelchair often find them beneficial while they are recuperating in hospital. With a high-quality warming unit, we can quickly and efficiently heat a number of blankets in just minutes. We know that our elderly patients respond well and suffer less confusion in a therapeutic space that is warm and inviting. With this simple ultrasound tool, clinicians can easily assess urinary retention in a way that is comfortable and non-invasive for the patient. Ottawa Police are asking deaf, hard of hearing and speech-impaired people to register for the ability to text for help to 911, but they are adamant this is not a trend for the general population.
The CRTC ruled police across Canada need to ensure people who can't use cell phones to call for help are able to communicate with dispatchers.

In a Policy Statement adopted earlier this year the FCC said every wireless carrier that sends text messages to phone numbers should support text-to-911 capabilities. As of January 2014 a select number of jurisdictions had adopted text to 9-1-1 on a trial basis. One of the trial areas is Post Falls Idaho where they are also allowing users to send photos to emergency services. Homeland Security Newswire reported in 2011 that Post Falls Police Chief Scot Haug felt texting to 911 was an inevitable conclusion.
The FCC official statement does go on to say that voice is always preferable for dispatchers even in areas where text to 9-1-1 is available.
An Ontario woman is raising awareness about the dangers of distracted driving as she recovers from severe injuries sustained in a road collision last month.
Just over a month ago, Linda Brown was hit by a car as she rode her treasured pink motorcycle near Peterborough, Ont. Five weeks later, the mother of three is still in hospital in Toronto, recovering from the latest of five operations. It will be months before Brown, who goes by the nickname Pinky, can even attempt to walk again. But Brown is lucky to be alive, which got her thinking about how to prevent distracted driving. Brown and a friend came up with the a€?I Pinky Sweara€? campaign, a play on both Browna€™s nickname and the childrena€™s method of holding someone to their promise by entwining their pinky fingers together.
A printing company donated a€?pledgea€? cards to her campaign, which Brown has been handing out, and posting on Twitter and Facebook. Brown also speaks to groups, including those who participate in Sunnybrooka€™s Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth (PARTY) program.

Being in a trauma ward is a grim reminder of the number of people who can be affected by a moment of distraction while behind the wheel, Brown said. Brown, who is a social worker by profession but plays in a band for fun, is also performing for the trauma patients. This thoughtful package includes shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, deodorant and other items. An assistive device, like this walker, helps keep patients on the move, which is essential in maintaining their functional abilities and independence. This handy device helps these patients communicate with their health-care providers, families and visitors. Having access to a safe, comfortable wheelchair lets our patients leave their rooms, and even the unit.
Equipped with temperature control, auto and control lock programming, it helps us provide patients with soothing warmth. The bed is designed for the safety of both caregivers and patients, with its low height and exit alarm for patients at high risk for falling.
In a Facebook post, Brown alleges the driver of the vehicle that hit her was distracted at the time. What happens is a strange robot voice relays your messages from a cellphone text to a land-line.

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