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We've adapted our game to suit players of all abilities, including those who are hearing impaired or deaf. If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad. Our physical senses play an important role in our lives – the sound of a baby’s laugh, the taste of chocolate on the tongue, the sight of a loved one’s smile, the caress of a gentle breeze. Many years ago, I treated a little boy with Down syndrome who was born premature and without hearing. Urged on by the parents, the therapists on his team were dedicated to helping this boy reach his developmental milestones as close to “on time” as possible.
Because we are born with hearing, our brain filters information and we learn to distinguish sounds. A cochlear implant can enable a deaf child to “hear” sounds and possibly understand language. Although it may seem that the twin spoken of and the boy spoken of in your story rejected the implant, they were more likey reacting to poor mapping which caused them NOT to hear normally but to create distortion that is probably like you would hear as static.
Disclaimer: ” The opinions and recommendations on this blog are my own, and that caregivers should seek medical advice prior to starting any treatment. We've adapted our equipment and also have coaches on board who are able to communicate through the use of sign language.

He was the firstborn of a young couple who were determined that he would be like any other child.
To many professionals, such as the doctor that told the story about the twin, are not on top of this.
Their ambition for him was astounding considering that not only was he deaf but with moderate to severe cognitive impairment. When he was about two, his mom took him to see a highly regarded speech therapist so that he could learn lip reading and sign language. It is hard to know who is the right candidate – especially when working with young children.
As a hearing person, it is easy to understand why parents would choose cochlear implant surgery. The twin that kept taking it off, as my daughter once did, probably would have accepted it and had a much more normal life if the parents found another doctor, as we did, that programmed it properly. It is designed to “tap into” functional hearing nerves and conduct the information to the brain for processing (simple explanation). Well, the family I was working with decided to go ahead and have the surgery with hopes that their son would wear the device. Most often, the cochlear implant allows the child who was born deaf to discern speech via lip-reading, rather than by interpreting sound as do those with hearing.

Her argument was that he had enough of a challenge having Down syndrome, without having the added burden of deafness. Very successful cases can result in the ability to recognize volume and interpret speech by sound alone.
In my case of the little boy with Down syndrome, I think his cognitive and physical issues made him a poor choice for the implant. This little boy would grab the external device and throw it across the room every time we put it on. This outcome happens more frequently with those who were born with hearing and then suffer a hearing loss. The one thing I do know is that we can’t determine what is best for a child based on the wrong criteria. The decision should not be based on the parents’ experience as a hearing person, but rather on how the child’s welfare will best be served.

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