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Peety PoppersTM is loved internationally by young hearing and hearing-impaired children whose parents are nevertheless looking for a way to get kids excited about eating healthy and staying active. The web-series, which will be accompanied not only by on-screen sign-language interpretation but also by sister-channels in a variety of languages which aims to teach kids new skills and techniques in sports to help motivate and inspire them to get active and healthy.
While the website will serve as a second home to the episodes, it brings in a whole new realm for kids’ exploration: nutrition. Brand-new episodes will be launched every week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, giving kids plenty of new skills to learn and practice while perfecting previous techniques. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. A 29-year study out of Australia has crunched all the data and finds no correlation between cellphone usage and brain cancer. Robots have reached the field of law in an age where jobs are disappearing to technology advances every year. In response to the attacks in Brussels, we've put together a playlist of our most experienced and insightful experts into the dark heart of ISIS.
I'm waiting for the day when language barriers are eradicated and everyone can communicate through a universal translator a la Star Trek. Saudi designer Hadeel Ayoub has developed a way to bridge the gap between the hearing and hearing-impaired community with the SignLanguageGlove.
The most recent glove prototype also tucks away many of the wires by sewing them into the lining.
Ayoub hopes to incorperate a WiFi feature into the next version of the glove, which would enable it to send text to an app for translation.
Technology has the ability to empower many people; it's important to think of the people who could most benefit from such advancements. This foldable gadget packs two 5 inch touchscreen displays, a built in camera and support for live video, plus it can be connected to a relay interpreter. DeafCommunicator supports real time translation and it can ease the socializing process of people who are hearing impaired.
Sign Voice Language is a portable device for people who are visually impaired and also for those who are hearing-impaired. This system involves two gadgets of this type, one for blind and the other for deaf users, each connected to the other via Bluetooth. If you dona€™t have a TTY unit or TDD, you can use a telephone relay service to communicate by phone with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing.

The national Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) is free and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to handle voice-to-TTY and TTY-to-voice calls. There the call goes to a communication assistant, who sends the message on through the switched telephone system, converting it to either text or spoken word, depending on whether the recipient can hear. For lots more information about hearing impaired telephones and related topics, check out the links on the next page. Peety PoppersTM is a two-part brand: a YouTube-based web-series and a fun children’s website.
The premier series is focused on basketball, and consists of 26 episodes ranging from learning to dribble to taking a dunk shot. Get ready to learn all the basic and advanced basketball skills as Peety and friends show the way. The nutrition tab found on the main menu of the website will host a page where kids can learn what it means to eat healthy and also learn about the different food groups, as well as pages for recipes and downloadable activity sheets (coloring sheets, mazes, etc.). He says even if Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton defeats Trump, his effect on our politics will prove lasting.
The DeafCommunicator portable device is the solution to these problems, relying on sign language and digital means of translation. The concept gadget incorporates an LCD that displays text to the hearing-impaired and speakers that deliver the converted version of the sign language to the blind users. In order to read the sign language, Sign Voice Language Translator uses a camera and its LCD is a touch display.
Telephone relay services are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, with services in English and Spanish, and regulated by the FCC. Also, transmission may be faster, and users can make multiple calls, have conference calls or browse the Web while on a call [source: FCC].
This gradual advancement will work to maintain and nourish children’s learning and interest, but will also be accessible to kids of all skill-levels. The YouTube show features the lovable jackrabbit Peety Poppers and friends Penny, Pauly, Perry, and Peggy going through easy, fun step-by-step instructions on basketball techniques for all skill-levels, from dribbling for beginners, to the hook-shot for real pros. It will also be the home for the Peety PoppersTM series of fun health facts, which will initially be published daily on Twitter. There will also be plenty of Peety PoppersTM attire to keep kids fashionable in school and on the playground. Poppers™ is a revolutionary, patented basketball net that enhances enjoyment and skill development of the game because of its unique and unmistakable popping sound every time the ball goes through the net, coming in contact with our unique leather strips attached at the bottom of the net.

We are committed to raising a generation of healthy and active youth in a fun and exciting way. Maintaining longterm brain health is all about having positive social relationships, and scheduling time for the brain to relax. Google Translate can interpret around 90 languages, but for the 70 million people worldwide who speak languages entirely based on gestures, there isn't yet some sort of electronic interpreter for them. And while this variation on hearing-impaired telephones started as something like a translation service, variations like IP relay make more use of electronic technology. The caller is connected to a communications assistant who relays communication between the caller and the recipient. The IP relay starts with the callera€™s computer or mobile device and goes to the IP relay center, which usually is accessed from a Web page.
The premiere episodes teach kids the fascinating story of how basketball first began, and introduces the foundation of basketball: dribbling. With a website loaded with all sorts of nutrition and fitness information for kids to explore, Peety PoppersTM will soon be a household name for kids to look forward to after homework. With basketball clinics all over southeast Michigan (and soon, all over the nation), kids can supplement the fun webisodes with in-person practice, and get to meet the real Peety PoppersTM. We believe it is not only possible to get our kids excited about getting fit, but also to find a new hobby they can love and enjoy.
In her spare time, you may find her riding her motorcycle, reading YA novels, hiking, or playing video games. A hearing caller, for example, speaks the message to the assistant, who types and relays it to the deaf recipient, who reads it on his TTY display screen.
Once that's established, a sign language interpreter reads the signed communication from the hard-of-hearing caller and speaks the message to the hearing recipient on the phone.
It's a great chance for kids to get to know Peety and get excited for the episodes to come. The recipient responds with a typed message, which the assistant reads to the hearing caller [sources: Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Gallaudet University].

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