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Image courtesy UT Dallas: Regular exposure to sounds greater than 100 decibels for more than a minute at a time may lead to permanent hearing loss, according to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Prolonged exposure to loud noise alters how the brain processes speech, potentially increasing the difficulty in distinguishing speech sounds, according to neuroscientists at The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas). Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) reaches all corners of the population, affecting an estimated 15% of Americans between the ages of 20 and 69, according to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD).
Exposure to intensely loud sounds leads to permanent damage of the hair cells, which act as sound receivers in the ear.
To simulate two types of noise trauma that clinical populations face, UT Dallas scientists exposed rats to moderate or intense levels of noise for an hour.
Researchers observed how the two types of hearing loss affected speech sound processing in the rats by recording the neuronal response in the auditory cortex a month after the noise exposure. In the group with severe hearing loss, less than one-third of the tested auditory cortex sites that normally respond to sound reacted to stimulation. In the group with moderate hearing loss, the area of the cortex responding to sounds didn’t change, but the neurons’ reaction did. The company of friends and family or a casual conversation with a stranger are things that most people take for granted. The link between hearing and speaking is strong; children learn how to speak based on what they hear. Hearing loss affects you or your loved one’s ability to communicate verbally, impairs memory, and may lead to social withdrawal among other potential problems. Why Let a Locksmith Change Your Door LocksWhile most people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on buying their homes, only a few actually use professional services to analyze their security needs. Did you know that according to the American Speech Language Hearing Association, hearing loss affects nearly 36 million Americans? Exposure to loud sounds, such as working in an industrial setting, listening to loud music, or hearing explosives or gunfire, can result in hearing loss. Many people lose some of their hearing as they get older a€“ this is a quite natural process. While it is possible to cure certain types of hearing loss with surgery or medicine, this is only true for a minority of cases. Listening in noisy environments - such as in pubs,restaurants or shops where loud music is playing - becomes difficult. Many people become worried if they think they are losing their hearing but there are many things that can help.
Having your hearing tested is not unpleasant, and you will be under the care of qualified professionals at all times. Noise-induced hearing loss is often preventable, so ita€™s important to look after your hearing by protecting it in noisy environments! The sound may be prolonged (standing close to the speakers at a nightclub, for example) or short in duration (such as a gunshots or fireworks). Also, aim to give your ears a rest by taking regular breaks away from the noise, if you can. However, the best way to avoid the risk of developing a noise-induced hearing loss is to avoid the sources of loud noise whenever possible. In a paper published in Ear and Hearing, researchers demonstrated for the first time how noise-induced hearing loss affects the brain’s recognition of speech sounds.

The auditory cortex, one of the main areas that processes sounds in the brain, is organized on a scale, like a piano. This ailment affects the daily life and the people around you in ways you do not want it to. When hearing loss strikes, even in its early stages, you begin to feel alienated from the people around you because you cannot understand what they are saying or not hear them at all. If you or your family member has poor hearing or has completely lost the ability to hear, there is a high probability that verbal communication will be difficult or non-existent. Studies revealed that seniors suffering from hearing loss have serious cognitive problems compared to those who have good hearing. You’ll find that many homeowners will use one company to install door hardware and low-grade locks, another to install outdoor lighting and another one to install an alarm system.
Schedule a free hearing screening with your nearest Beltone office today to see if you could be suffering from hearing loss. If you experience ear pain, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), or a feeling of muffled hearing after exposure to loud sounds, your hearing sensitivity has temporarily been impaired (Center for Hearing and Communication).
It is estimated that more than 1 in 7 people have some degree of hearing loss a€“ thata€™s over 9 million people in the UK alone. In fact, more than half of all people over 60 years of age have some degree of age-related hearing loss. These include exposure to loud noise (which can include loud music), certain infections and head injuries. Most hearing loss is not curable at the present time a€“ so, once your hearing has been damaged, it cannot usually be recovered. Since hearing loss can develop gradually over time, it can go unnoticed for quite some years. It is much better and more reassuring to have your hearing checked earlier rather than later. Using properly fitted hearing aids (if you need them) will not be harmful to your hearing, and in fact can help in preserving as much useful hearing capability as possible. For some people it is heard only occasionally and at low intensity, but for others unfortunately it can be very obtrusive and have a significant impact on their life. Neurons at one end of the cortex respond to low-frequency sounds, while other neurons at the opposite end react to higher frequencies. The neurons reacted slower, the sounds had to be louder, and the neurons responded to frequency ranges narrower than normal.
Neurons reacting to high frequencies needed more intense sound stimulation and responded slower than those in normal hearing animals. You or your loved one may not be able to interact or respond properly because of a lack or impaired ability to communicate verbally.
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While most of these sounds are comfortable, some loud sounds can be painful and cause damage to your hearing. Although these symptoms will typically resolve themselves after 12-14 hours, a part of your auditory nervous system has been damaged (Kujawa & Liberman, 2009). Non-auditory effects of noise include sleep disturbance, high blood pressure, poorer task performance in adults, and poorer cognitive performance in children (Basner, Babisch, Davis, Brink, Clark, Janssen, & Stansfeld, 2013).

This is why ita€™s extremely important to take steps to look after your hearing throughout your life, and especially not expose yourself to unnecessarily loud sound.
How much damage occurs to your ears when listening to loud sounds, depends on how loud the sound is as well as for how much time you are exposed. Tinnitus noises vary from person to person, but are often described as a ringing, buzzing or whistling sound. For comparison, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) lists the maximum output of an MP3 player or the sound of a chain saw at about 110 dB and the siren on an emergency vehicle at 120 dB. Additionally, the rats could not tell the speech sounds apart in a behavioral task they could successfully complete before the hearing loss. Despite these changes, the rats were still able to discriminate the speech sounds in a behavioral task.
Audiologists provide treatments or hearing aids to counter or prevent further loss of hearing. It affects your performance at work because you cannot hear properly, therefore you are unable to deliver the response your boss or co-workers are looking for. If hearing loss is diagnosed, we will educate you on which hearing instrument would work for you and your lifestyle.
The “noise thermometer” on the right illustrates the intensity (in decibels, dB) of common sounds, from humming appliances to fireworks and firearms .
In fact, you may be convinced that everyone around you is mumbling, or that the acoustics are particularly poor, rather than accept that you might have a hearing loss. These types of medicines are said to be a€?ototoxica€™ (toxic to the ear) but are only prescribed when life is at risk. However, if being in a very noisy environment is unavoidable, you should always aim to protect your ears by using ear protection (such as a good pair of earplugs) and try to avoid standing too close to the source of sound. Regular exposure to sounds greater than 100 dB for more than a minute at a time may lead to permanent hearing loss, according to the NIDCD. People invest in making their hair fabulous, but treating hair problems that The post Hair Troubles That Will Suck Up Your Budget appeared first on The Midcounty Post. Beltone Legend adjusts to your unique way of listening and living – it lets YOU decide which sounds are important, not your hearing aids! You might be surprised at how easy it is to steal your business idea, name and even property if you don’t know how to protect yourself. While engaging any of The post Protecting your Business Property: What All Entrepreneurs Should Know appeared first on The Midcounty Post. EDM, or electronic dance music, is becoming mainstream with the The post Raving 101: An Aural and Visual Experience appeared first on The Midcounty Post. This Is Why Debating with the Police Officer Will Never Get You Out of a DUI ChargeDriving Under the Influence (DUI) isn’t only a potential hazard to you, but to others as well. That’s why, according to 2nd Chance Insurance, police officers are extra vigilant when it comes to DUI charges.
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