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In October of 2008, two protesters picketing the Scientology compound in Riverside County were attacked by security guards on public property outside the fenced campus in Gilman Hot Springs. The Scientologists retaliated by directing sprinklers on the protesters, and blaring a 110 decibel tritone out of large speakers directed towards the highway. The water and blaring noise were clearly an attempt to discourage protesters from picketing along Gilman Springs Road, which bisects the Scientologists' property. The station wound up producing a series of videos about Scientology, the protesters, and the influence Scientology enjoys in Riverside County.
When the sprinklers and sound failed to stem the tide of protesters and media attention, the Scientologists turned to County Board of Supervisors chairman Jeff Stone. The problem is, many people post anonymously on the internet, and are not necessarily associated with the anonymous collective that protests Scientology, sometimes referred to as Project Chanology.
Stone stubbornly continues to insist that anonymous are terrorists and a threat to his special constituents whose victims are held behind security spikes.
Child labor, slave labor, coerced abortions, beatings, maltreatment, prisoners held behind razor sharp blades, and Stone, that "champion of human rights," refuses to take action. As soon as Ordinance 884 was approved, the Scientologists went into a frenzy of abuse of authority and using the Sheriff's Department as their personal army. In February of 2009, Emmy Award winning videographer Mark Bunker, along with photographer Mark Lowell, another Scientology protester, were arrested for "tresspassing" outside the Scientology compound in Riverside County. Both men were arrested while exercising their right to free speech on the public easement that the Scientologists view as their personal property. The Scientology organization wields a fair amount of influence in Riverside County; thanks in part to politicians like Jeff Stone.
Yet, he has a history of pandering to Scientology interests in his jurisdiction, adhering to baseless allegations about human rights activists and ignoring the horror stories of people who have escaped the spike-studded fences of the Gold Base compound. Unlike Jeff Stone, the media are beginning to take note of ex-member accounts of their suffering in Riverside County. Thanks in part to his inaction and heavy influence in Riverside County, the Scientology organization is still freely perpetrating these abuses against human rights and free speech.
Sending Jeff Stone to Sacramento would increase this cult's influence within the state of California at the highest level.
Scientology has been banned in Russia, is considered a threat to democracy in Germany, the target of an impending investigation in Australia, being sued by ex-members in the United States, and convicted of fraud and medical malfeasance in France.
Recently, a long-time Scientologist, Lucy Cole, sent out a mass emailing endorsing Jeff Stone for California State senator. The Scientology organization was the perpetrator of the largest domestic espionage case in American history. While I felt that the end (last 4-5 paragraphs) could've been woven together better, I found that overall this article was quite well-written. I continue to be "amazed" everytime I hear the words, "Jeff Stone is of high ethical morals". I read him on his self biography of who he is, "That he and his lovely wife have four beautiful children". Supervisor Jeff Stone just got off of five years of probation from his felony charges reduced to misdemeanores in 2009. I`d like to have this printed out and left on on every Riverside county residence doorstep. Her and her brother Jeff have the entire internet to research the cult, but have chosen to ignore the experiences of people who escaped from Gold Base. Thank god even people who never heard about Jeff Stone's scientology ties saw enough of his corruption to keep him out of the State senate. Barbara GrahamSan Diego Religion & Politics ExaminerBarbara Graham has been a falconer, a karate instructor, and a Vietnamese linguist in the Army. Cannes Film Festival fashion: Amal Clooney, Blake Lively, Victoria BeckhamThe 69th Cannes Film Festival opened on Wednesday, May 11 with Woody Allen's new film. Ways to earn extra money: The side hustleRemember when a full-time job used to mean working 40 hours a week or more and bringing home a decent paycheck that would last, at least until the next pay check?
The conflict between protesters and Scientology attracted the interest of reporter Nathan Baca of KESQ Palm Springs.
A news team from KESQ attended one protest, which launched several months of research for this special report. The booklet labeled anonymous protesters as "terrorists," and contained many examples of hate speech gleaned from anonymous posters on the internet.
Stone has been made aware of these stories, many of which happened at Gold Base, yet still, he chooses to do nothing. Stone having set the stage by accusing protesters of terrorism, then introduced Ordinance 884, a law that would limit picketers targeting residential areas. Stone introduced this ordinance, he claimed it was due to protests by the masked protesters who call themselves Anonymous. Stone seems to have forgotten that the internet never forgets, and his changing story is available for all to see. Scientology representative Catherine Fraser ordered Riverside County sheriff deputies to arrest the two as they crossed the driveway leading into the base. Video taken of the incident clearly shows the Scientologists had activated their sprinklers, limiting protesters to the area near the guard shack. Activists refuse to be intimidated by the Scientologists or Jeff Stone's unconstitutional ordinance. He gets his donations and turns a blind eye to the human rights abuses going on inside the razor tipped security fence. It is so easy for a local politician to accept contributions from a criminal organization like Scientology under the guise of being "pro religious freedom", yet Scientology has a history of using its "religious" status merely to hide from the law. I personally think that Jeff Stone is the perfect man for state senate and he gets my full endorsement. Jeff Stone and his greedy hypocritical leech of a sister shouldn`t be involved in politics at all.
She is a hang-glider pilot and instructor, has worked as a videogame animator, motorcycle messenger, and sportfishing boat cook (getting in hours of quality big-game fishing in between hamburgers). However, in an interview with Scientology representative Tommy Davis, reporter Nathan Baca succeeded in getting to the truth. Yet, human rights violations, including forced abortions, are being reported in his district, and both of them turn a blind eye. Several months later, his story changed, it was now necessary because a mythical Mormon bishop was targeted in Los Angeles and protests were allegedly held outside the house he occupied. The entire incident was designed to quash their right to protest the reported abuses behind the steel fences surrounding the compound. Petersburg Times in Florida to the New York Times; from Anderson Cooper's CNN special to Australian media, the victims of Scientology are finding a voice. Operation Snow White alone should have closed the book on any pretense Scientology has at being law abiding. If you don't like abuse of power, free speech violations, lying, and protecting a nefarious cult, don't vote for the guy. Following surgery for a torn rotator cuff, due in part to repetitive casting and hauling in big fish, Barbara has turned to writing to pass the time, until it heals well enough for her to take up and master paragliding. He helped rework the final version, which changed the ordinance from 30 feet from buildings to 50 feet from the property line. Instead, they will cheat, lie, bribe, infiltrate secretly, and steal if it is in their interest, because it is part of the policy Hubbard created to Keep Scientology Working. Her hobbies include motorcycling, deep sea fishing, and investigating the assertions and activities of the Church of Scientology.
If protesters were to abide by that ordinance, they would be picketing in the middle of Gilman Springs Road, a busy highway that leads from Hemet to the I-10 freeway.
Many of us fear that scientologists have infiltrated our public offices and there isn`t much that can be done to get rid of them.

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