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THG Energy Solutions, LLC THG is an Austin, TX based leading energy data and technology company. This website is designed so families and individuals can quickly and easily find local senior products and services. Seniors on the Runway show off fashionsPosted on August 18, 2015 by Gloria Mazure in Active Lifestyles, Baby Boomers, Benefit events, Blog, Community Resources, Eldercare Resources, Entertainment, Events for Women, Hobbies, Humor, Local Events, Theater, VolunteeringOn Saturday, Aug.
The runway-trained models with a passion for fashion  will be  strutting on the catwalk showing their spunk, swag and sophistication. The senior citizens model in various cities throughout the fashion tour. Another TUT Production (ATP) is a family-run production company specializing in fashion entertainment shows where male and female models are featured. This author has not entered his bio yet but feel free to check out other articles by him anyhow. During the course of the year, we’ve sought after and posted phenomenal stories about people overcoming hearing loss to our Facebook page.
These motivational stories remind us of what human purpose and perseverance can accomplish—even in the face of intense challenges and obstacles. At the age of 3, Emma Rudkin developed an ear infection that would cause her to lose a large portion of her hearing. Following years of speech therapy and with the help of hearing aids, Emma not only mastered how to speak clearly—she additionally learned how to sing and play three instruments.
Emma reveals that she dons her hearing aids “as a badge of honor” and is utilizing her crown to motivate other individuals with hearing loss. But Derrick Coleman not only plays for a pro football team—he’s also the first hard-of-hearing NFL offensive player and the third hard-of-hearing player drafted in league history.
With the structure and support of his parents, coaches, healthcare professionals, and hearing aid technology, Derrick Coleman would excel at football on his way to ultimately playing in the Super Bowl as a fullback for the Seattle Seahawks. On top of all of her responsibilities, she in addition has found the time to help other people contend with the struggles she had to conquer herself.
West Davidson High School graduate Carley Parker is in the minimal percentage of students who managed to graduate with not one, but two, high school degrees. Along with her West Davidson High School diploma, she also obtained a diploma from the N.C. Carley acquired a hearing disability a few months after she was born, which has introduced challenges for her throughout her life. At eight months old, Ryan acquired bacterial meningitis, a severe neurological infection that can bring about serious complications, such as brain damage, hearing loss, and learning disabilities. For Ryan, the infection left him with hearing loss in both ears, which necessitated hearing aids, and with mild cerebral palsy, which forced him to wear leg braces into his intermediate school years. Even with the challenges, Ryan stood out as a Poquoson High School student, completing Advanced Placement Calculus and U.S. Ryan will be studying kinesiology at James Madison University as part of his plan to become a physical therapist. With a four-year-old named Freddie, who is profoundly deaf in one ear and moderately deaf in the other, mom Sarah Ivermee understands from experience the difficulties in trying to get kids to use their hearing aids. And as Sarah met more people with children who had hearing aids, she realized that a great number of kids were ashamed to wear them and resented being different. So this got her thinking, and, with her husband’s assistance, she formed her own company, named Lugs, that renders hearing aids fashionable for kids.

Recent designs include Batman, Toy Story, Minions, Hello Kitty, butterflies, Star Wars, Spiderman, and more. Now, Freddie not only loves wearing his hearing aids, but his brother wants a pair too—and he’s not even hard of hearing!
Win is fortunate to have turned three of his passions—mountaineering, music, and movies—into a successful career. Instead of throwing in the towel, Win worked with a community hearing care professional to find a pair of hearing aids that would fulfill the heavy requirements of a mountain guide.
Win figured out that he could manipulate his hearing aids with his phone or watch, accept phone calls, listen to music, and minimize wind noise, all while hearing the sounds he had been missing out on for years.
HUNTINGTON – The cases of three women who claimed their former employer and its CEO fired them for refusing to purchase a weight loss drug that is a Schedule IV narcotic for the executive have been settled.
Brandi Spurlock, Tobiya Bocook and Jennifer Cyrus had filed separate lawsuits last August in Cabell Circuit Court against Marsha Mattingly, individually and as managing agent for H.
The cases were consolidated and confidentially earlier this year, according to court records.
According to the complaints, the women were instructed by supervisor Elisha Holley to go to Transformations Weight Loss & Clinic and obtain Adipex, a Schedule IV controlled substance, for Marsha Mattingly to ensure job security and to make extra money.
When the women refused to do that, their employment was terminated, according to the complaints. Five Tips to Take With You While Hearing Aid Shopping - Healthy Huntington - We provide Huntington, West Virginia residents with up to speed health news! When you are ready to get yourself hearing aids to function in life, you will find a new challenge: figuring out the best hearing aids to meet your needs.
Even more important is working with a hearing aid specialist who is great at listening to your needs and communicating with you.
The more hearing testing your audiologist conducts, the better they will be able to determine the type of hearing loss you have and create a plan to help you get the support you need. Even though there is a lot of science that goes into assistive hearing devices, there is no science that can determine exactly what you will find most comfortable and have the easiest time acclimating to. AboutHealthy Huntington serves to provide Huntington, West Virginia residents with up to speed health news.
Augustine is a trusted source for local provider information to help you make many important decisions on many topics including: home health care, assisted living, long term care, nursing homes, respite, and geriatric care management. Everything from finding a medical supply store for wheelchairs and mobility products, to researching stroke symptoms, arthritis, advance directives, senior housing options including assisted living communities, independent living and memory care communities. ATP provides fashion show commentary, direction and production in addition to planning weddings, parties and other events. Neither Elder Care Resources® nor its partners provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or legal, financial, or other professional services advice or advice about what service providers to use.
During that time, doctors explained to her parents that she was not likely to ever speak clearly or enroll in a “normal” school. She would go on to become the first hearing impaired woman to win the Miss San Antonio crown as a sophomore at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
But that didn’t avert him from finishing a 250-mile run—in some cases through rain and hail—to raise funds for hearing aids for deaf children.
Derrick didn’t let hearing loss get in the way of his enthusiasm for football, which he observed at an early age.

But by following three vocations that all require healthy hearing, hearing loss could have been career-ending.
Instead of deciding to be discreet, Win’s hearing aids are “Monza Red,” the flashiest of the 14 available colors. They were told to pose as weight loss patients, given $150 to buy the pills and $50 for themselves. William Mattingly Corporation said she was discharged for violating the company's internet usage policy.
There are hearing aids to meet any specific hearing loss and lifestyles you have, but figuring out your needs are and what best meets them can be overwhelming.
The anticipation of going to your hearing aid appointments can be similar to that of going to the dentist. Finding a hearing specialist who you trust is critical for getting you into the hearing aids you need.
As we previously discussed, there are assistive hearing devices to meet any need, but figuring out what your needs are is the only way to make sure you find the best hearing aids for yourself. While some hearing specialists only run initial hearing tests to determine that you have hearing loss, requesting more in-depth testing is a great way to make sure your hearing aids best meet your needs.
Our front line fitness and health news can help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle!
You will also find articles and advice on aging issues such as Alzheimer's, dementia, medical supplies, respite care, home health aide, adult day care, palliative care, hospice services, stroke, diabetes and hearing loss. This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Write on our wall and tell us how you use our product, or feel free to offer tips to other customers. Is your greatest hearing challenge when you are trying to hear someone speak from afar (such as a speaker in a large group)? There are a number of gyms in Huntington (WV) that you can check out and there is a YMCA in the area too.
Plus important elder law issues such as estate planning, living trusts, social security, disability, Medicare, Medicaid, elder abuse and probate. Hagy of McQueen Davis PLLC in Huntington and Richard Wallace Weston of Weston Law Offices in Huntington. Choosing a hearing aid provider who is well-trained and highly qualified is extremely important for getting you the hearing support you need. Our business strategy professionals combine smart planning with the latest and best sales technology to help you grow your .Copy World is a family owned business that has been proudly serving Oklahoma and Arkansas businesses, schools, and churches for many years. Do you regularly communicate in a place that has background noise, and you need something to help you minimize the static?
When you determine your greatest hearing challenges that prevent you from enjoying your lifestyle, you and your hearing specialist will have an easier time finding the hearing devices that best meet those needs.

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