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If you believe your child has a hearing loss, please come to one of our many Colorado locations to meet with one of our Audiologists.
Hay muchos pasos que los padres y los cuidadores pueden tomar para ayudar a un nino con problemas de audicion. Llegar a conocer los servicios que se prestan en la comunidad para los ninos con problemas de audicion a traves de la intervencion temprana y el sistema escolar publico. Discutir con los proveedores de salud si el nino puede beneficiarse de ayudas o implantes cocleares.
Ponerse en contacto con especialistas de audicion y otros profesionales de los servicios sociales y medicos familiares con perdida auditiva. Aprender acerca de las agencias y organizaciones, asi como los sitios web, que ofrecen informacion y apoyo a las familias.
Historically, researchers and audiologists have utilized tests that identify thresholds, or the softest sounds a person can perceive when listening in quiet. The ability to understand speech in the presence of background noise cannot be assessed by the typical measurements made during a routine hearing evaluation. The results of the Quick SIN, along with the results of the traditional hearing test, provide a functional assessment of how a patient performs in a real-life setting. Binaural Processing — This feature allows the hearing aids to wirelessly communicate with each other.
Connectivity — This feature helps hearing aids wirelessly connect to other accessories that can be used to help amplify the speech signal and reduce background noise. We are proud to be able to provide many solutions to our patients despite the various degrees of individuals’ hearing loss. The loss can range from mild, one that causes difficulty hearing hushed tones such as a whisper to moderately severe, where the child can still hear loud speech, to a total loss resulting in deafness. The most common, a conductive hearing loss, is associated with conditions in the external or middle ear that block the transmission of sound. This occurs when there is damage to the inner ear or nerve pathways from the inner to the brain.

Timely hearing testing, diagnosis and treatment will provide the best course of action ensuring the highest quality lifetime experiences for your child.
Los padres pueden ser buenos defensores para asegurar la educacion de su hijo es adecuada para sus necesidades. Normalmente, una persona con discapacidad auditiva se evalua y esta seguido por un otorrinolaringologo y un especialista cirujano de oidos nariz y garganta. While these measurements do provide pertinent information on a patient’s ability to hear, they do not provide a functional measure of how an individual performs in a realistic setting. Rather, a test called the Quick Speech-in-Noise or Quick SIN provides a more accurate picture of how patients perform in a realistic listening environment. It also provides the hearing health care professional the opportunity to recommend the most appropriate solution for that patient’s specific hearing loss.
Once the noise is identified, the hearing aids automatically reduce amplification of that noise. When they recognize that background noise is present, the two hearing aids automatically change the microphones into a directional mode.
Now, with the use of the Quick SIN, our hearing health care providers are able to further customize treatment plans based on each patient’s hearing loss and ability to understand speech in the presence of background noise.
These conditions can include ear infection, fluid in the ear, impacted earwax, a perforated eardrum, a foreign object in the canal or birth defects that alter the canal.
Es muy importante que todos los miembros de la familia y los miembros de la familia aprendan la forma en que un miembro de la familia con discapacidad auditiva comunica y aprender las estrategias que son necesarias para ser capaz de comunicarse con esa persona a quien puede significar aprender a hablar ASL o complementada. In the presence of background noise, some listeners have what is considered a mild auditory impairment, whereas others face a more severe impairment.
The hearing health care professionals at Hearing Rehab Center have implemented the Quick SIN into their test battery to gain the most accurate picture of each patient’s hearing loss. Individuals with a significant SNR loss will benefit greatly from current hearing aid technology. This directional mode helps the hearing aid microphones amplify only the speech signal while decreasing the noise.

Not only does it impact the sound experience of a life yet to be lived to the fullest, but it also creates a barrier to a child’s number one job, learning. It can also be caused by the use of ototoxic drugs (antibiotics), premature birth with a very low birth weight and some of the resulting treatments or a number of other medical conditions. Audiologists have classified this type of auditory dysfunction as a Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) loss. During the Quick SIN, a patient will hear a series of sentences that they repeat back to the audiologist. Many of today’s hearing aids include features that improve listening performance in the presence of background noise. Fortunately, many causes of hearing loss are treatable, and it is often possible to return the sounds of childhood to a young life. Although there is no cure for this type of hearing loss, in most cases children can often be helped with hearing aids. The SNR loss indicates how much louder a speech signal needs to be over the background noise in order for the listener to understand speech. The interesting concept behind SNR loss is that two people with the same exact hearing loss, the same exact ability to understand speech in quiet, can have completely different scores when tested in the presence of noise. The louder the background noise gets, the more the patient’s auditory system is challenged.
Once the test is complete, the audiologist calculates how much the patient’s ability to understand speech is affected by the presence of background noise.

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