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David Gummers was on holiday when he received a panicked phone call from his mother.She was looking after the family business in Cumbria while he was away. He was told to provide employment records within 14 days or hea€™d be taken to court.David says: a€?I didna€™t have any employment records for this person because he had never worked for me!
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Lawyers are starting to offer 'no win no fees' deals to claimants, while charging A?3 in legal fees for every A?1 of compensation that goes to the victim.
Hea€™d never worked for us.a€™David, 51, told his insurer, who wrote to the solicitors explaining the mistake. He doesna€™t own a factory, a warehouse or a manufacturing business a€” he runs a High Street shoe shop. But they said I might not have noticed and insisted on coming to test it.a€™A man came to the house a few days later.

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